Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Objective Lying Behind

Being a fan of A.R.Rahman, it was quite obvious for me to join the Yahoo Group Fan club of him in 2005 started by Gopal Srinivasan way back in 1999. I am Bengali and struggle hard with each and every song of him that's sung in Tamil/Telugu/Kannada or Malayalam. I have come across a number of poor souls like me in this group who also aspire to undestand literal meaning of the songs to grab the exact feeling behind the sweet melodies. Like me they have also posted numerous requests in the group and have recieved overwhelmimg responses. Thanks to all those unknown (sometimes known) Tamil friends of us who post the translated versions continuously, relentlessly and consitently. While wandering in the group archive, I found some priceless jewels posted long back, which are almost forgotten with the passage of time.

I have started this blog to accumulate all the Hindi and Tamil translated songs ever posted on the Yahoo Group Fan Club of A.R.Rahman. This will surely make my job much easier as I won't have to remember as which song lies in which bookmark/folder/file/url/post.....