Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Unnoadu Naan Irundha

Unnoadu Naan Irundha
Film: Iruvar
Recitation by: Arvind Swamy

Unnoadu naan irundha ovvoru maNi thuLiyum
Each and every moment that I libed with you

MaraNa padukkaiyilum maRakkaadhu kaNmaNiyae
Even in my deathbed.. I cannot forget dear friend

ThonnooRu nimidangaL thottaNaitha kaalam dhaan
90 minutes of moments that was spent in caressing her

EnnooRu aaNdugaLaai idhayathil kalangudhadi
It lingers in my heart for 800 years

Paarvaiyilae sila nimidam
For some moments.. it is Ok

Bayathoadu sila nimidam
Some moments spent with fear

Katti aNaithapadi kaNNeeril sila nimidam
Some moments spent by hugging you and shedding tears

IlakkaNamae paaraamal

Ella idangaLilum muththangaL vidhaitha moahathil sila nimidam
Some moments spent by kissing you and sowing the seeds of love

Unnoadu naan irundha ovvoru maNi thuLiyum
MaraNa padukkaiyilum maRakkaadhu kaNmaNiyae

Edhu jnayam edhu paavam iruvarukkum thoandravillai
We never knew which was right and which was wrong . It didn't even strike to us

Adu irava adhu pagala adhai patri aRiyavillai
We never cared if it was night or day. We even didnlt think about all that

Yaar thodanga? yaar mudikka? oru vazhiyum thoandravillai
Who will start ?. Who will finish ?. we didnt think of all that

Iruvarumae thodangivittoam idhu varaikkum kaeLvi illai
We have both started this and there has been no questions on this till now

Acham kaLaindhaen aasaiyinai nee aNaithaay
I have cast aside fear, and you have embraced me with love

Aadai kaLaindhaen vetkathai nee aNaithaay
I have shed m dresses. You have embraced me by your shyness

KaNda thirukoalam kanavaaga maRaindhaal
The scene which was seen should have been a dream

Kadaisiyil azhudha kaNNeer kaiyil innum ottudhadi
But the tears shed in the last still wets my hand

Unnoadu naan irundha ovvoru maNi thuLiyum
MaraNa padukkaiyilum maRakkaadhu kaNmaNiyae

Translated and posted to Y! Group by Vithur on Jan 27, 2008


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