Saturday, September 15, 2007

O Rey Chhori

O Rey Chhori
Film: Lagaan
Singers: Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, Vasundhara Das
English Poetry: Farhan Akhtar

o ro chhori
O girl!

o ro chhori, maan bhi le, baat mori
O Girl!, give your consent to what I am saying

maine pyaar tujhi se hai kiya
I have loved you and only you

tere bin main jiya to kya jiya
when I lived without you, what was in my life

tere naino.n mein ye jo kaajal hai
this black paste that is adorned in your eyes

sapno.n ka baadal hai
this is the cloud of my dreams

man tere hi kaaran paagal hai
my mind is mad only after you

o goriya
O fair-complexioned girl!

o re chhore
O boy!

o re chhore, dil se nikle, bol mere
O boy! these words have come out from my heart

maine pyaar tujhi se hai kiya
I have loved you and only you

maine tujhko hi maana hai piya
I have accepted only you as my lover

tu ne thaama aaj ye aa.nchal hai
as you have taken hold of my this scarf today

man mein ek halchal hai
a disturbance has come about in my mind
main na bhooloo.ngi ye wo pal hai
this is that moment which I will never be able to forget

O lover!

my heart it speaks a thousand words
mera dil ye jo bole hai bol hazaar

I feel eternal bliss
main huu.n paa gayi khushiyaan aparampaar

the roses pout, their scarlet mouths
khole.n gulaabo.n ne sharmeele ho.nth laal ye

like offering a kiss
jaise ik unchhuua chumban dete uphaar mein

No drop of rain, no glowing flame
koi barkha ki boo.nd, ya bhadakti lapatein

has ever been so pure
kabhi ho paayi.n thi nirmal itni

if being in love can ever feel like this
jo aisa hi jadoo karta hai pyaar

then i am in love for sure
mujh pe chhaa hi gaya hai ye khumaar

more man mein thi jo baat chhupi, aayi hai jabaan par
the topic that had remained hidden in my mind, has come to the tip ofmy tongue

more dil mein kahi.n ek teer jo tha, aaya hai kamaan par
like an arrow that was somewhere in my heart, has now got put on thebow

sun sun re sajan, rahe janam janam, hum prem nagar ke baasee
Listen, Please listen, o lover!, may we make our abode in the city oflove for lives after lives

thaame.n thaame.n haath, rehe.n saath saath, kabhi doori ho na jara si
holding each other's hands, may we remain together, may there never besightest distance between us

chaloo.n main teri raah mein, bas teri chaah mein
may i accompany you in your path, drenched only in the longings foryou

o re chhore
o ri chhori

koi poochhe to main boolu.n kya, ki mujhko chhuaa hai kya
if I am asked whether you have ever touched me, what do i answer him

more mein hai suga.ndh, jo tu ne hai chhoo liya
there is a fragrance got seeped into every limb of mine, as you havejust touched me, at last

tan mehka mehka, man dekha dekha, mujhe tu gulaab si laage
your body is sweet-smelling, your mind is aflame, to me, you arelooking like a rose

jo hai ye nikhaar, aur ye si.ngaar, to kyu.n na kaamana man mein jaage
when such is the blossom of your beauty, and such an adornment, thenhow can a desire not creep into my mind

tera ujla ujla jo roop hai, yauvan ki dhoop hai
this bright and fair complexion of yours is the sunlight of youth

o ri chhori
i am in love
mujhe ho hi gaya hai pyaar
o re chhore

Translated and posted to Y! Group by V S Rawat on April 5, 2001