Monday, June 9, 2008

VeLLai PookaL

VeLLai PookaL
Film: Kanathil Muttamittal
Singer: A R Rahman

veLLai PookaL ulagam engum malarhavae
Let white flowers bloom all over the world
vidiyum Bhoomi amaidhikaaga vidihavae
Let the dawn be for peace in the world
manmel manjal veluchcham vizhuhavae
Let the yellow sunshine touch the soil
malarae sombal muRiththu ezhuhavae
Let the flowers wake up from their sleep
kuzhanthai vizhikattumae
Let the baby wake up...
Thaayin katha kathappil ...
in mothers warmth
ulagam vidiyattumae
Let the world wake up...
piLLayin sirumugha siRippil (VeLLai) ...
In the innocent smile of the baby
kaatrin perisaiyum
The wonderful music of the wind,
mazhai paadum paadalgalum
And the songs which rain sings -
oru maunam poal inbam tarumooOO
Can they give as much bliss as given by silence?
koadi keertanamum kavi koartha vaarthaiygalum thuLi kaNNer poal arththam tharumo (VeLLai)
Can the songs and words by a poet, give as much meaning as that of a drop of tear?
yengu siru kuzhanthai than kaigal neetidumo
Where the small baby stretches its hand….
angu thondrayo koLLai nilavae
O moon, please appear there
enghu manidha Inam poar oyinthu sayinthidumo
Where human race releaxes after a war is over,
angu koovadho veLLai kuyilae (VeLLai)
O white cuckoo, sing there…

Translated and posted to Y! Group by Aravind A M on Sep 1, 2006


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