Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oruvan Oruvan

Oruvan Oruvan
Movie: Muthu
Singer: SPB, Makummba


Oruvan Oruvan Mudhalaali
There's just one! There's just one Master!
Ulagil Matravan Thozhilaali
The rest of us in this world are mere workmen.
Vidhiyai Ninaippavan Emaali
The one who resigns himself to fate is a loser!
Adhai vendru mudippavan arivaali
The one who conquers it is the smart one!

Bhoomiyai vella aayudham edharkku?
Why do u need weapons to win over the world?
Poopparikka kodari edharkku
Its like asking for an axe to pluck flowers!!!
Ponno porulo porkkalam edharkku
Be it gold or wealth, why go to the battlefield?
Aasai thurandhaal akhilam unakku
Renounce your desires and the world is yours.

Stanza 1:

Mannin Meedhu Manidhanukkaasai
Man loves to acquire land

Manidhan meedhu mannukaasai
The land in turn loves to consume the man

Mann dhaan kadaisiyil jeyikkiradhu,
The land is the one that finally triumphs

Idhai, Manam dhaan unara marukkiradhu
The mind refuses to come to terms with this truth

Kaiyil konjam kaasu irundhaal,
If you have a few pennies in your hand

Nee thaan adharkku ejamanan
You retain control over it!

Kazhuththu varaikkum kaasu irundhaal
But if you are drowned in wealth upto the neck

adhu dhaan unakku ejamanan
It gains control over you!

Vaazhvin artham purindhuvidu
Realize the meaning of life!

Vaazhkaiyai vaarik kudiththuvidu
You can then imbibe its essence!

Stanza 2:

Vaanam Unakku, Bhoomiyum unakku
The sky is yours, so is the earth!

Varappugalodu sandaigal edharkku
Why do u squabble over divisions?

Vaazhachcholvadhu iyarkkaiada
Nature beckons you to live!

Vaazhvil thunbam seyarkkaida
The ills of life are man-made!

Paravaigal ennai paarkum podhu
When the birds look at me

Nalamaa nalamaa engiradhu
I hear them inquire about my well-being!!

Mottugal mella, thirakkum podhu
As the buds blossom slowly

Muthu, Muthu engiradhe!
I hear them call out,"Muthu! Muthu"!!

Posted by Pradeep on Jun 11, 1999


Anonymous said...

nice song and thanks fro the comments

Vindys said...

inimai inimael poagaadhu mudhumai enakku vaaraadhu

This is last line...
Nice song and thanks for the translations

Hari Narayanan said...

Fantastic lines and wonderful music

Hari Narayanan said...

Fantastic lines and wonderful music

Vinod A said...

my favorite Tamil song

Sisira Hegoda said...

Thanks Nice Song

Anonymous said...

Deep meaning. Really top class.

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Nice song..superb meaning

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