Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Muthalmurai Killi Paarthen

Muthalmurai Killi Paarthen
Movie: Sangamam
Singer: Sujatha, Srinivas

Tried to Pinch Myself for the First time
had a sweat in y eyes for the first time

After crossing my mom's womb
i recived my life, once again because of you
i received my second life


Female: Why did you steal
the jewel i worn in my legs
and tied my heart with it ?
male :When you wore the jewel in your legs
you forget all sounds
why did your mind forget that??
female : For a seed to come to life
the air should have some moisture in it
for love to come to life
time has come
male : a seed has come to life - but
the roots have been planted in 2 hearts
please speak to me "jewel"
Sing a song "silence"
if languages
become dumb
Tears will speak in it
Poetry will be written

Saranam - 2

Female: The path is long
and i am heavy
can you carry me till your border????
Male: Is the Life
Inside the body a Load?
lady - can i leave you and go????

Female: I gave you my life, given by my father
I gave you my body , given by my mother
All the relationships put together
i saw it in u

male: You gave everything to me - but
marked a date for a kiss.........

Posted by Narasimman on Jun 14, 1999

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