Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nila Kaaigirathu

Nila Kaaigirathu
Film: Indira
Singer: Harini

nilaak kaaygiradhu
The moon shines bright

naeram thaeygiradhu
Time seems to be moving slow

yaarum rasikkavillaiyae
Nobody seems to be relishing all this

indhak kangal mattum unnaik kaanum
But my eyes alone are set on you

thenral poaginradhu
As the breeze blows past

soalai sirikkinradhu
the garden seems to smile

yaarum sugikkavillaiyae
Nobody seems to be enjoying all this

indhak kaigal mattum unnaith theendum
But my hands alone shall touch you

kaatru veesum,
The wind shall continue blowing,

veyyil kaayum kaayum
the warmth of the sunshine shall continue

adhil maatram aedhum illaiyae
There is no change in all that

aaaaaa...vaanum mannum nammai vaazhach chollum
The sky and earth would wish us a great life

andha vaazhththu oayavillai
and those wishes haven't yet ceased

enrenrum vaanil
forever in the skies...

(the moon is shining bright)

adhoa poaginradhu aasai maegam mazhaiyaik kaettuk kollungal
There goes the desired cloud, ask the rain about it

idhoa kaetkinradhu kuyilin paadal isaiyaik kaettuk kollungal
Here you can hear the cuckoo singing, ask music about it

indha bhoomiyae poovanam, ungal pookkalaith thaedungal
This earth in itself is a beautiful garden, go search for
your flowers

indha vaazhkaiyae seedhanam, ungal thaevaiyaith thaedungal
This life in itself is a bounty, go search for your needs


Singer: Hariharan

nilaak kaaygiradhu naeram thaeygiradhu yaarum rasikkavillaiyae
indhak kangal mattum unnaik kaanum
thenral poaginradhu soalai sirikkinradhu yaarum sugikkavillaiyae
indhak kaigal mattum unnaith theendum
kaatru veesum veyyil kaayum kaayum adhil maatram aedhum illaiyae
aaaaaa...vaanum mannum nammai vaazhach chollum andha vaazhththu
enrenrum vaanil

adhoa poaginradhu kaanal maegam mazhaiyai kaanavillaiyae
There goes the rainless cloud, I can't see any rain

idhoa kaetkinradhu kuyilin soagam, isaiyum kaetkavillaiyae
Here I can hear the cuckoo's melancholy, I can't hear any

indha bhoomiyae poovanam endhan poovidhazh sarugudhae
This earth in itself is a garden, but the petals of my
flower are dying

indha vaazhkaiyae seedhanam adhil jeevanae thaeyudhae
This life in itself is a bounty, but my soul is getting


Posted by Pradeep on May 31, 2000


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