Thursday, May 17, 2007

Roja Roja

Roja Roja
Movie: Kadhalar Dinam
Singer: Unni Krishnan

Roja(Oh rose!), roja(Oh rose!)...

Kanda pinnae, Unnidaththil ennai vittu Veedu vandhaen
Once I saw you, I left myself and came home into you

Unaith thendral theendavum vida maatten
I won't let even the breeze touch you

Andhath thingal theendavum vida maatten
neither will I let the moonlight touch you

Unnai veru kaigalil vida maatten
I wont let you be in other hands


Stanza 1:

Nilaththinil un nizhal vizha yenguven
I would pine to see your shadow fall on the ground

Nizhal vizhundha, manalaiyum madiyinil thaanguven
Once it does, I would hold on my laps, the sand it fell on

Udaiyena eduththu, enai uduththu
Let me be your clothes, Wear me

Noolaadai kodimalar idaiyinai uruththum! Roja!
Even soft clothes would hurt your tender creeper-like waist

Un per mella naan sonnadhum
As i mentioned your name softly

En veettu rojaakal pookindrana
The roses in my house started blooming

Ohr Naal unai kaanavidil
If they dont see u for a day

Enge en anbendru ketkindrana
They ask me where my beloved is!

Nee vandhaal, maruganam vidiyum en vaaname!
If you come, my skies would dawn the next moment

Mazhaiyinil nee nanaigayil, Enakku kaaichchal varum
When you get drenched in the rain, I happen to catch a flu

Veyilil nee Nadakkayil, Enakku vervai varum
When you walk in the sun, I happen to perspire

Udalgal thaan rendu, Unarvugal ondru
We may be two different bodies, but our feelings are one.


Stanza 2:

Ilayavalin, idaiyoru noolagam
The young one's waist is a library

Padiththidavaa, Pani vizhum iravugal aayiram
I want to read in there, all those nights when it snows

Thadaiveli edharkku? Sol namakku!
Why do we need a barrier between us!? tell me!

Un Naanam oru murai vidumurai eduththaal enna?
Why not your shyness take a holiday for once!

Ennaith theenda koodaadhena,Vaanodu sollaadhu vangak kadal
The "Bay of Bengal" would never ask the sky not to touch it!

Ennai yendhak koodadhena, Kaiyodu solladhu pullanguzhal
The flute would never tell the hands not to hold it

Nee thottaal Nilavinil karaigalum neengumae
Upon your touching, even the stains in the moon would vanish

Vizhigalil Vazhindhidum Azhgu neer veezhchiye
You are a beautiful waterfall flowing in my eyes

Enakku nee unai thara edharkku aaraichchiye
Why do you have to research to submit yourself to me

Unai vida veru, Uravugal yedhu
There isn't any one dearer to me than you


Posted by Pradeep on Jul 7, 1999


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