Friday, May 18, 2007

Mudhal Murai

Mudhal Murai
Movie: Sangamam
Singer: Srinivas, Sujatha

Mudhal murai killip paarthaen
This was the first time, I tried pinching myself!

Mudhal murai kannil verthaen
For the first time ever, I sweat in my eyes

Endhan thaayin garbam thaandi, Maru murai uyir kondaen,
I was born again, this time outside my mother's womb,

Unnaal; iru murai uyir kondaen
Thanks to u, I happened to be born twice!

Mudhal murai enakku azhudhida thondrum, Yen?
For the first time I feel like crying, but why?

Kanneer undu sogamilaai, aamaam
There are indeed tears in my eyes, but there is no sadness!

Mazhai undu megamillai
It indeed is raining, but there are no clouds out there!

Kaalgalil kidandha,salangaiyaith thirudi
Having stolen the anklets lying at my feet

Anbae! En manasukkul thattiyadhenna
My love, why would you tap the inside of my heart?

Salangaihal anindhum, saththangalai maraiththai
Despite wearing anklets, you had all sounds hidden!

Pennae un ullam thanai oliththadhenna?
My girl! Why did you want to hide your heart?

Vidhai ondru uyir kolla, veppam kaatru eeram vendum,
For a seed to germinate, it needs heat, air and moisture

Kaadhal vandhu uyir kolla, kaalam kooda vendum
For 'love' to come alive, one has to wait for the right time!

Oru vidhai uyir kondadhu
A seed is beginning to take life

Aanaal; Iru nenjil ver kondadhu
But its roots happen to be in two different hearts!

Salangaiye! konjam pesu,
Oh anklet! Why don't u talk a bit?

Mounamae! paadal paadu
Oh Silence! Why don't u sing?

Mozhiyellam Oomaiyaanal, Kanneer Uraiyaadum
If only all speech were to go mute, tears would then converse!

Adhil; Kavidhai Arangerum
And in that, will emerge poetry!

Padhaiyum dhooram, Naan oru Baaram
The path is long, and me being a burden,

Ennai...un ellai varai kondu selvaaya?
Would u still take me along till your destination?

Udalukkul irukkum, uyir oru sumaiya
Is the sould residing in the body, a burden to it?

Pennae, unnai naalum vittu selvaenaa?
My girl! How can I ever desert you?

Thandhai thandha uyir thandhaen,
I gave you the life I got from my father!

Thaai thandha udal thandhen
I gave you the body I got from my mother!

Uravugal ellam serththuu unnidam kanden
I look upon you as all my kith and kin put together!

Moththaiyum nee koduththai
You did submit everything!

Aanal; Muththathukkor naal kuriththaai
But you also did fix up a day for the kiss!

Translated and Posted to Y! Group by Pradeep on Aug 8, 1999