Tuesday, July 1, 2008

En Veetthuth

En Veetthuth

Film: Gentleman

Singers: S. P. B., Sujatha

En veettuth thoattaththil poovellam kaettuppaar

en veettu jannal kambi ellaamae kaettuppaar

en veettuth thennangeetrai ippoadhae kaettuppaar

un paeraich chollumae

un veettuth thoattaththil poovellam kaettuppaar

un veettu jannal kambi ellaamae kaettuppaar

un veettuth thennangeetrai ovvonraaik kaettuppaar

en nenjaich chollumae

vaayp paattup paadum pennae mounangal koodaadhu

vaayp poottuch chattam ellaam pennukku aagaadhu

vandellaam saththam poattaal poonjoalai thaangaadhu

mottukkal saththam poattaal vandukkae kaetkaadhu

aadikkup pinnaalae kaavaeri thaangaadhu

aalaana pinnaalae allippoo moodaadhu

aasai thudikkinradhae

(en veettuth)

sollukkum theriyaamal sollaththaan vandhaenae

sollukkul arththam poalae sollaamal ninraenae

sollukkum arththathukkum dhoorangal kidaiyaadhu

sollaadha kaadhal ellaam sorggaththil saeraadhu

ennikkai theerndhaalum muththangal theeraadhu

ennikkai paarththaalae muththangal aagaadhu



Ask the flowers at my home garden,

Ask all the windows at my home,

Ask my coconut grove now,

They will tell ur name.

Ask the flowers at ur home garden,

Ask all the windows at ur home,

Ask your cococnut grove one by one,

They will tell my heart.

A lady singer should not be silent,

Lock on the music is not done on a female,

If all bees huzzle then garden cant withstand,

And if buds sound then bees cant hear,

After aadi(its a season) the cauvery(river) wont wait,

After aadhi the alipoo(flower) does not close,

wishes vibrating.

Without the permission of 'telling' i came to tell,

there's meaning in 'tell' so i stood without telling,

theres no distance between 'tell' and 'meaning'

No love reaches heaven without telling,

Even if counting ends kisses doesn't,

And if u count,kisses doesn't happen,


Translated and posted to Y! Group by Manikandan Gangadhar on Jul 1, 2007


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