Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chale Chalo

Chale Chalo
Film: Lagaan
Singers: A R Rahman, Srinivas, Chorus

baar baar haa.n, bolo yaar haa.n
again and again, do speak, O friend!

apni jeet ho, un ki haar haa.n
may the victory be ours, may they get defeated

koi hum se jeet na paave
may no one claim a vicotry over us

chale chalo, chale chalo
move on, proceed

mit jaave jo takraave, chale chalo
may whoever comes against us get lost

bhale ghor a.ndhera chhave
even if their is pitch darkness shadowing

chale chalo, chale chalo

koi raah mein na tham jaave, chale chalo
may no one need to take a halt on the path

toot gayi jo oo.ngali utthi
whichever finger has pointed accusingly towards us got broken

paa.ncho.n mili to ban gayi mutthi
because we like five fingers have come together and have become aclenched fist

ekaa badhata hi jaave
our unity is growing beyond leaps and bounds

chale chalo, chale chalo

koi kitna bhi behkaave, chale chalo
even if anyone howmuchever tempts us

koi na ab roke tujhe, toke tujhe, tod de ba.ndhan saare
may no one stop you, may no one censor you, snap all the bondages

mila hai kya ho ke tujhe nirbal, tu hi bataa
what at all have you got by remaining powerless, you tell me

kabhi na dukh jhele.nge, khele.nge aise, ke dushman haare
no sorrow shall ever befall us, we shall play such games that ourenemies will get vanquished

ki ab to le le.nge himmat ka rasta
i urge you to take up the route of courage

dharati hila de.nge, sabko dikha de.nge
we shall make the earth shake, we shall make everyone see

raaja hai kya, parja hai kya, ho
is their any worth of a king, all is the strength of the ruled ones

hum jag pe chhaye.nge, ab ye bataaye.nge
we shall cover the entire world, now we shall make it clear to you

hum logo.n ka darja hai kya, ho
that what is the status of we, the people

ab dar nahi.n man mein aave
may do fear creep into our minds

chale chalo, chale chalo

har bedi ab khul jaave, chale chalo
may every shackle get opened now

chala hi chal, nahi.n, nahi.n, raah mein ab tu raahi
keep on proceeding, don't gasp, don't shiver, now on the path, otraveller

thakan ka nahi.n ab tujhe dasney paaye
may the snake of tiredness never be able to bite you now

wo hi jo tera haaqim hai, zaalim hai, kee hai jisne tabaahi
the one who is your master, is very cruel, and has caused all thedestruction

ghar us ka pachchhim hai, yahaa.n na basne paaye
he hails from the west, may he not dwell here

dharati hila de.nge, sabko dikha de.nge
hum logo.n ka darja hai kya, ho

jo hona hai ho jaave, chale chalo
come what may, Proceed

ab sar na koi jhukaave, chale chalo
May no head ever need to stoop too low

Translated and posted to Y! Group by V S Rawat on Apri 5, 2001


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