Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oh Maria

Oh Maria
Movie: Kadhalar Dinam
Singer: Devan, Febi Mani, Yogendran

Oh Maria! Oh Maria! Oh Maria Oh Maria!
Fruit Cherrya?nee Variya?
I wonder if you were a cherry fruit, Wanna come with me?

E-mail il love letter thariyaa?
Won't you give me a love letter through e-mail?

Kadalukku fishing nettu...
When it comes to the seas, its the fishing net

Kaadhalukku Internettu...
When it comes to love, its the Internet

Dhesam Vittu, Dhesam veesum, Kaadhal valai...
The net of love that is cast from one country to another!

Mounam endroru saaviyai pottu manadhaip poottaadhey
Do not lock your mind up with the key of 'silence'

Kaadhalai aayul kaidhi yendraakki kaavalil vaikkadhe
Do not lock up your 'love', by sentencing it to life imprisonment

Idhayam thirandhu parondhodi vaa,
Open your heart and come to me flying,

Irukku net cafe viraindhodi vaa
There is always a Net cafe, Come fast!

Computeril kaadhal seyyum, kaalam ini...
Romancing through the computer-thats going to
be the new paradigm!

Kaadhal vidhai Kaatrodu thoovi
Sprinkle the pollens of love in the air

Kaadhal mayam aagattum bhoomi
May the world be filled with love
Oh maria!....

Kattazhagukkor pattiyalittu Kaattudhu Internettu
The Internet catalogs and displays a list of sites for beauty!

Manasa vittu Mavusath thattu maattidum padhinettu
Cast aside reality and click on mouse,
you can recreate your teens!

Irakkai edharkku parandhodalaam
You can fly around! Why do you need wings?

Irukkum idaththai marandhaadalaam
You can forget where you are and dance in joy!

Posted by Pradeep on May 24, 1999