Thursday, May 17, 2007

O Bhawre

Oh Bhawre
Movie: Daud
Singer: Yesudas, Asha Bhosle

Oh Bhawre
Oh bees!

Dekho hum deewaanon ko
Look at these(us) madcaps

Masti mein mastanon ko
The fun-loving folks having fun

Apni hi dhun mein chale hain
Immersed in their own music

Dhuniya se kya lena hai
They don't owe the world a thing

Oh Bhawre!!

Deewangi ka saath hai
Accompanied by madness

Hairangi ki baath hai
A matter of concern

/* blogger's comment:
Hairangi ki baath hai
A matter of surprize

Ravaangi kahan ki hai, kaho na!?
Where did it all begin, please tell me!

/* blogger's comment:
Ravaangi kahan ki hai, kaho na!?
Where to go, please tell me!

Mudne lage hain raaste
Paths are getting winding

Judne lage hain raaste
Paths are beginning to merge

Dekho hamaare vaaste, Chalo Na!
Please take a look for our sake, Come on!

/* blogger's comment:
Dekho hamaare vaaste, Chalo Na!
See, for the sake of us, let's go!

Kaisi suhaani shyaam hai
What a pleasant evening this is!

Bas, Pal do pal aaraam hai
Got just a couple of moments to relax

Phir kitne saare kaam hai
Thereafter, its going to be a lot of work

Apna rakhwaala ram hai
I depend on Lord Ram to protect me

Jukhte chalte hi aa jayegi
Bending and moving ahead, we'll get there

/* blogger's comment:
Jukhte chalte hi aa jayegi
(destination) will come bending and moving

Manzil hum se bach ke na jayegi
Our destination can't escape us

Jaise dariyaon ko kinare
Just like streams manage to meet their banks

Milte hain chanda ko sitaare
Just like the moon happens to get the stars

Aankhon ko milte hain jaise nazaare
Just like the eyes happen to get panoramic views

Kaliyon ko milte hain bhawre ye pyare
The blossoms happen to get these loving bees

/* blogger's comment:
kaliyon= Flower buds

kashti ko milte hain paani ke dhaare
The thirsty(? not sure-Experts may opine) happen to get streams of

/* blogger's comment:
kashti = canoe, small boat

Naazuk logon sahaare
With the aid of tender-hearted persons

/* blogger's comment:
Naazuk logon ko sahaare
The weak hearted get shelter

Baagon ko milti hain jaise bahaaren
Just like the gardens happen to get these 'Springs'

Paayenge hum bi tikaane
We'll attain our living as well

/* blogger's comment:
thikana= address, here it's meant goal

Jab hum chale hain saath saath
When we are going together

Ab sochne ki kya hai baat?
What's there to think about?

Chal Chalke raste hum ko hi pukaaren!
As we proceed, the paths are beginning to beckon us

Posred by Pradeep on Jun 27, 1999