Friday, May 18, 2007

Thee Thee

Thee Thee
Movie:Thiruda Thiruda
Singer: Carolene

Thee! Thee! Thiththikkum Thee
Fire! Fire! Fire that's sweet

Theenda Theenda chivakkum
Glows upon touching

Thaen! thaen! kodhikkum thaen
Honey! Honey! Honey that's boiling

Degamengum minukkum
Shines all over the body

Jodhiyil Seravaa! innum enna thayakkam?
Come! become one with the 'light'! Why hesitate still?

Oru viral thottu vaiththadhey
A finger happened to touch

Uyir varai suttu vaiththadhey
The heat of which was felt all through till my soul

Stanza 1:

Kannukkul Theeyirundhum
Despite having fire in the eyes

Unnai yeriththu kondurakkamenna?
How can u burn yourselves and continue sleeping?

Karpoora dhehan dhaan Kaadhal veppam pattu karaivadhenna?
Why should the camphor-like body vaporise in the heat of love?

Pinnokki un kaalgal Nadappadhenna
Why do your legs happen to walk backwards?

Piriyaththai Maraippadhenna?
Why hide your love?

Ennagum yedhaagum endru anji, Idhayaththai thuvaippadhenna?
Scared of the consequences, why let your heart be troubled ?

Oru viral thottu vaiththadhey
Oru viral suttu vaiththadhey

Stanza 2:

Azhahe Azhahe
Oh beauty! Oh Beauty!

Niththiyaththil Indru Kalandhu povom
Lets get dissolved in the mundane today

Nee yaar Naan yaar
Which is me? Which is you?

Inam Mozhi idam marandhu povom
Lets forget those differences along with our creed, language and location

Puvi eerppu maiyaththai kadandhu povom
Lets go beyond where gravitational force exists

Puththulagam Parandhu povom
Lets fly to new lands

Muththathin saththathil udaindhu povom
Lets break in the sound of a kiss

Mukthi nilai adaindhu povom
Lets attain salvation

Oru viral thottu vaiththadhey
Oru viral suttu vaiththadhey

Translated and Posted to Y! Group by Pradeep on Aug 14, 1999