Monday, June 9, 2008

Nenjil jil jil jil jil

Nenjil jil jil jil jil
Film: Kannathil Muttamittal
Singers: Chinmayee

Nenjil jil jil jil jil
My heart becomes chill
Kaadhil dhil dhil dhil dhil
I hear sounds in my ear
Kannathil muththamittaal nee kannathil muththamittaal (2)
If you kiss on my cheek
Oru dheyivam thandha poovae
O God given flower,
KaNNil thedal enna thaayae (2)
Whats the search in your eyes
Vazhvu thodangum idam needhaanae ..(2)
You are the place where life begins
Vaanam mudiyumidam needhaanae
You are the place where sky ends
Kaatrai poala nee vandhayae
You came like the air
Swasamaga nee nindrayae
You stood like the breath
Maarbil oorum uyirae ...
O life which oozes out of the heart
Oru dheyivam thandha poovae kaNNil thaedal yeNNa thaayae (2)
O God given flower, Whats the search in your eyes
(Nenjil jil jil...)
Enadhu sondham nee, yenadhu pagaiyum nee
You are my relation, you are my enemy too...
Kadhal malarum nee karuvil muLLum nee
You are romantic shower, you are a thorn in the womb
Chella mazhaiyum nee, chinna idiyum nee (2)
You are a lovely rain, you are a thunder too
PiRandha udalum nee, piriyum uyirum nee (2)
You are a body which has just come to live, you are the life leaving a soul too
MaraNam meenda jananam nee,
You are the life which has transcended death
Oru dheyivam thandha poovae kaNNil thaedal yeNNa thaayae (2)
O God given flower, Whats the search in your eyes
(Nenjil jil jil...)
Enadhu selvam nee, enadhu vaRumai nee
You are my wealth, you are my poverty
Izhaiththa kavidhai nee, ezhuththu pizhaiyum nee
You are my poetry, you are my typo too
Iraval veLicham nee, iravin kaNNir nee (2)
You are a borrowed light, you are tears of the night
Enadhu vaanam nee, izhandha siRagum nee (2)
You are my sky, you are the wings that i lost
Naan thooki vaLLartha thuyaram nee
You are the sorrow whom I raised up!
(Oru dheivam thandha...)
(Nenjil jil jil...)

Translated and posted to Y! Group by Aravind A M on Sep 1, 2006


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