Thursday, August 2, 2007

Radha Kaise Na Jale

Radha Kaise Na Jale
Film: Lagaan
Singers: Asha Bhosale, Udit Narayan, Vaishali, Chorus

madhuban mein jo Kanhaiya kisi Gopi se mile
in the honeygarden, if Kanhaiya meets some Gopi

kabhi muskaaye, kabhi chhede, kabhi baat kare
sometimes he smiles, sometimes he teases, sometimes he talks

Radha kaise na jale, Radha kaise na jale
how can Radha avoid feeling jealous

aag tan man mein lage,
a fire erupts in the body and mind

Radha kaise na jale, Radha kaise na jale

madhuban mein bhale kanha kisi Gopi se mile
in the honeygarden, even if Kanha meets any Gopi

man mein to Radha ke hi prem ke hain phool khile
in his heart, the flowers of love of only Radha have bloomed

kis liye Radha jale, kis liye Radha jale,
why should Radha feel jealous

bina soche samajhe,
without giving it a thought, without understanding it

kisliye Radha jale, kisliye Radha jale,

Gopiyaa.n taare.n hain, chaand hai Radha
so many Gopi are like stars, and among them, Radha is indeed Moon

phir kyu.n hai usko, biswaas aadha
then why does she have an incomplete trust

Kanha ji ka jo sadaa idhar udhar dhyaan rahe
when the attention of Kanha always wavers here and there

Radha bechari ko phir apne pe kya maan rahe
then what selfrespect remains with poor Radha

Gopiyaan aani jaani hai.n, Radha to man ki raani hai
Different Gopi will come and go, but Radha indeed is the queen of the

saanjh sakaare, jamna kinare, Radha Radha hi Kaanha pukaare
dusk and dawn, on the banks of river Jamuna, Kanha is giving call only
to Radha

baho.n ke haar jo daale koi Kaanha ke gale
the garlands of her arms, when some Gopi puts in the neck of Kanha

radha kaise na jale

man mein hai, Radhey ko, Kaanha jo basaaye
when Kanha has made only Radha stay in his heart

to Kaanha kahe ko use na bataaye
then why does Kanha not reveal it to her in words

prem ki apni alag boli, alag bhasaa hai
there is an altogether different dialect, different vocubalary of love

baat naino.n se ho, Kaanha ki yehi aasaa hai
the communication takes place with the messages of eyes, this is what
is the only hope of Kanha

Kaanha ke ye jo naina hain, chheene.n Gopiyo.n ke chaina hain
These two eyes of Kaanha keep on snatching away the comfort of all the

mili najariya, huee baawariya, gori gori si koi gujariya
when the eyesights met, some special fair-complexioned girl got

Kaanha ka pyaar kisi Gopi ke man mein jo pale
even if the love of Kanha gets cultivated in the heart of some Gopi

kis liye radha jale, radha jale, radha jale

radha kaise na jale

Translated and Posted to Y! Group by Rawat on Apr 5, 2001