Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Nenjinilae Nenjinilae

Nenjinilae Nenjinilae
Movie: Uyire
Singer: S Janaki

Nenjinilae nenjinilae oojalae naanangal en kannilae
My heart is swinging and there's shyness in my eyes.

sivandhadhae en manjale
The turmeric on my face reddened,in other words, I'm blushing

kalyaanak kalyaanak kanavu en ullae
wedding dreams are in my thoughts

Oarap paarvai veesuvaan uyiran kayiril avizhumae
he'll look/throw glances from the corner of his eyes
and the veins/strings of live, will blossom/stir

sevvidhazh varumdhamboadhu,thaegathangam urugumae.
The cups of his lips all life long, will melt/soften my golden

ulagin osai adangumpodhu uyirin oasai todhangumae,
when the world is calm and quiet,the sounds of my life
will begin/catch on

vaan nilla naanumae mugilizhuthu kan moodumae
Just like the moon in the sky, my body will be covered in the
clouds of his coaxing.(kan here means body not eye)

Kungumam aen soodhinaen ?
Why did I apply 'kum kum'

Kolamuththathil kalaiyathaan
To be smudged by your adoring kisses!

Kooraipathu aen uduthinaen ?
Why did I dress in silken saree?

Koodal pozhudhil kasungathan
To be crumpled during/in the moments of our union!

Mangai koodhal malargal edharkhu?
What are the flowers in the maidens hair for?

Kattilmaelae nasungathan
To be crushed on the bed!

Dheepanghal anaippathe puthiya porul nam dhaedathan
The lights are extinguished, so that we can go in search
of new treasures or wealth.

Posted by Ameesha on Mar 25, 1999