Saturday, November 3, 2007

Azhagae Sugama

Azhagae Sugama
Film: Paarthale Paravasam
Singer: Sadhana Sargam, Srinivas

azhagae sugama?
Oh beautiful one, how are u doing?

un kobangal sugama?
Is your anger doing fine?

anbae sugama?
My love, how are u doing?

un thaabangal sugama?
Are your cravings doing fine?

thalaivaa sugama sugama?
My man, how are you doing?

un thanimai sugama sugama?
How is your solitude doing?

veedu vaasal sugama?
How is your home doing?

un veettu thottam sugama?
How is the garden in your home doing?

pookal ellam sugama?
Are all the flowers there doing fine?

un poigai ellam sugama?
Is your pond doing fine?

azhagae unai pirindhaen,
Oh beautiful one, I separated from you

en arugil unnai izhandhaen
I lost you from beside me

veliye azhudhaal vetkam endru
vilakkai anaiththu azhudhaen
Since its a shame to cry in the open, I wept in darkness

anbae unnai veruththen
en arivai naane eriththen
My love, I hated you and in the process burnt my intelligence

uravin perumai pirivil kandu
uyiril paadhi puraindhen(?)

I realized the importance of relationships and understood one halfof my life(??)

pazhaiya maalaiyil pudhiya pookkal dhaan seraadhaa?
Won't new flowers blend in an old garland?

pazhaiya thaaliyil pudhiya mudichchugal podaadhaa?
Won't new knots form in an old mangalsutra?

Vaazhkkai Or vattam pol
mudindha idaththil thodangaadha?

Wish life began at the point where it ended, just like a circle.

Translated and Posted to Y! Group by pradeepan on Nov 8, 2001


gutsy said...

itz superb song..... beautiful words r used in this song...

aneesh said...

touching lines.....

Shaneem said...

Some beautiful lines are there in the other version of the song
"Ithu kanneer nadathum pechu vaarthai, udaintha manangal ottatha?"

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Hemantha Senapathi said...

I love this song... at that time I dont know whats the meaning this song but i feel overall. rahman you are grate ,,

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