Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Film: Kizhakku Chemaiyile
Singers: Mano & Sujatha


Aththaikkup pirandhavalae aalaagi ninravalae
Paruvam somandu varum paavaadaith thaamaraiyae
Thattaamboochchi pidiththaval dhaavanikku
Moonraambiraiyae nee muzhu nelavaanadheppoa
Mounaththil neeyirundhaa yaaraiththaan kaetpadheppoa

Aaththangara maramae arasamara ilaiyae aalamarak
kilaiyae adhilurangum kiliyae (2)
vedichchi nikkura paruththi
Thaavivandhu sandaiyidum andha mugamaa dhaavanikku
vandha oru nandhavanamaa
Ulla sondham enna vittup poagaadhu ada oadaththanni
upputh thanni aagaadhu


Maamanae onnath thaangaama ottiyil soarum pongaama
Paavi naan paruththi naaraap poanaenae
Kaagamdhaan kaththip poanaalum kadhavudhaan
Oammugam paakka oadi vandhaenae
Oththaiyil oadakkaraiyoaram kaththiyae ompaer
Oththaiyil oadum rayiloaram kaththiyae ompaer
Andha rayil dhooram poanadhum naeram aanadhum
kanneer vittaenae
Muththu maamaa enna vittup poagaadhae - en
Oththa usiru poanaa meendum vaaraadhae


Dhaavanip ponnae sogandhaanaa thangamae thazhumbum
Paaraiyil chinnap paadham sogandhaanaa
Thottapoo ellaam sogandhaanaa thodaadha poovum
Thoappula joadi marangal sogandhaanaa
Aiththayum maamanum sogandhaanaa aaththula meenum
sogandhaanaa (2)
Annamae unnaiyum ennaiyum thookki valarththa
thinnaiyum sogandhaanaa
Maamambonnae machcham paarththu naalaachchu - om
Machchaanukku mayilap pasuvu thoadhaachchu



Born to my aunt,standing like a grown up lady
You are a lotus carrying age
you were catching flies when did u come to wear a gown
You r an eclipse to moon,when did you become a full moon
If you are silent whom shall i ask now

Sparrow which sleeps in a riverside tree,banyan tree
leaf and in a raintree branch
Whos this lady who is bursting and standing amidst the side breeze
The face which jumps and fights
My own relation does not go anywhere and the passing
water is never a salty water.


Without bearing my uncle,the pot is not cooking rice
and i have become like a thread.
Even when the door made noise i came running to see you
All alone side by the river bed i shouted your name
All alone near the rail track i shouted your name
After that trian moving forward and after much time i shed tears
You are my pearl(uncle) dont leave me and go and if
this one life goes away,it does not come back.


Lady(wearing saree)are you fine...gold are u good
Is the small feet on the rock is fine
Are the flowers(which u touched)fine,are the
flowers(which u did not touch)fine
Are the paired trees in the garden fine
Is Uncle fine...are the fishes in the pond fine
Is the Verandah which grew u and me is fine
You r this uncles girl and i havent seen u for
days(relating that its time for marriage)

Translated and posted to Y! Group by Manikandan Gangadhar on Jul 10, 2007

Another Translation:

You who was born to my athai* and have blossomed in to woman
* Your father sister is Athai for u and in many traditions athais daughter is the desired match for a guy
You carry the sweetness of your youth in lovely pavadi ( skirt )

When did u grow up to be such beautiful women for I fondly remember you as kid playing to catch grasshoppers?
When did u bloom in to a full moon from the crescent you were?
If silence is your answer for all my queries what else do I do?

(aaththangara) - > The trees by the bank of the river ; the leaves from the "arsamaram" ; the branches from the "ala-maram" ; the pretty parrot that sleeps in that tree , look at her …..

By the bunds in the farming field, there she stands like fully bloomed cotton.
She who picks silly fights with me, is this the same girl who has blessed the thavani ( half saree ) by adorning it.

Our relationship will stand the test of time, like flowing river water which is never salty.
Watch out of the wind instruments / key board interlude at this junction it will remind you of other rahman songs! :)
Mamame (My dearest) I yearned and starved (literally and emotionally) for you and your sight
Even when the situations and omens were against me, I came running to see your lovely face.

I went calling for you by the banks of the river ,
I went calling for you by the Train*** that went past by ,
The river flew, the train went past by, time passed
And my eyes were filled with tears longing for you.
My dearest please don't leave me
For if you do, my life would leave me too.
*** The visual and imaginative comparison of a train leaving a small village is a much exploited theme in tamizh movies to symbolize separation.
Hey you with the lovely dress ; are you fine ?
Is your lovely feet fine?
How are things back home?
Are the flowers in your garden fine? (the actual meaning of thottapoo ellaam sogandhaanaa thodaadha poovum sogandhaanaa is very tricky to write * wink * wink)Are the trees in the garden fine ?
Are you parents doing fine ?
Are our childhood memories fine ?It has been so long since I last laid my eyes on you and I am back now and it is time for us to tie the knot in the eternal bond of marriage.

Translated and posted to Y! Group by Hari N Iyer on Jul 10, 2007


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