Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mazhai Thuli

Mazhai Thuli
Movie: Sangamam
Singer: M S Vishwanathan, Hariharan

Rain Drops
Rain drops fall down to unite with the soil
life drops go up to unite with the sky

Life,Body and Soul Unite in Art

" Alala Ganda " Lord Shiva
Father of Dance
I Salute YOu
Without Making me Dance
You made me dance...
I salute you
For Fitting "Salangai" a jewel in my feet,
To your feet
I first salute you

Till your orders win
even when you said no
even when you said yes
these legs danced on the court
it won't stop a second

If a fish Cries , the news doesn't reach the banks
if i cry within me, noone's there to ask me
Every drop of my tear, will turn into a diamond
the "salangai" will sing of vengeance

Oh my mind, Don't stop till my goal....
Do not droop down, my eyes
even when the lids are burnt don't cry

All the rivers flow to unite in the ocean
All the stars unite in the day
The praise of Art Unites in you

Posted by Narasimman on Jun 11, 1999