Friday, May 4, 2007

Pachai Kiligal

Pachai Kiligal
Film: Indian
Singer: K J Yesudas


Pachchai Kiligal tholodu,
- Green parrots on my shoulders

Paatu kuyilo madiyodu
- Singing cuckoo on my lap

Boologam aanandhaththin ellai
-the world is simply the zenith of joy.

indha, boomikku kanneer sondham illai
-tears simply do not belong to this earth.

Chinnanjiru kootukulla sorgam irukku
-Happines lies within a small nest

ada chinna chinna anbil dhaane jevan innum irukku
-Life still exists only due to those tiny acts of love.

Pattaam poochchi koottathukku pattaa edhukku
-Why do butterflies need pattaas of land?

ada, paasam mattum podhum kannae, kaasu panam ennathukku
-Love is the only thing u need, money and wealth are not necessary.

Stanza 1:

Andha vinnil anandham,
- There's joy in those skies

indha mannil anandham
- There's joy in these sands

Ada bhoomi pandhai otti vandha pullil anandham
- There's joy in the grass that envelopes this earth.

Veyilin suththam anandham,
- There's joy in the cleanliness of sunlight

Mazhayin saththam anandham
- There's joy in the sound of rain

Ada mazhayil kooda syam pohaa vaanavil aanandham
- There's more joy in the rainbow whose colour doesn't fade despite
the rains

Vaazhvil nooranandham,
-Hundreds of pleasures in life

Vaazhvae peraanandham
-Life in itself is full of joy,

Kannae, Naraiyezhudhum, suyaharitham, adhil anbae aanandham
-Darling,My portrait made out of my grey hair-There's joy in the love
in it.

Stanza 2:

Un moochchil naan vazhndhaal,
- If i live in your breath

en mudhumai aanandham
- There's joy even in my old age

nee innoru piraviyil ennai petraal innum aanandham
- If you were to give birth to me in another birth, there would be
more joy in it.

Pani kottum maadhaththil,
- In the months when it snows

un veppam aanandham
- There's joy in your heat

En kaadhu varaikkum kambali porththum karunai aanandham
- There's joy in the concern you show by drawing the blanket over me
upto my ears.

Sondham oraanandham,
- There's a certain joy in our relations

bandham peraanandham
-There's great joy in our bondages,

pennae, un vizhiyal pirarkazhudhaal, kannerum anandham aanandham...
-Lady, if you were to take part in somebody's sorrow, there's joy
even in those tears.

Translated and posted to Y! Group by Pradeep on Mar 20, 1999


Anonymous said...

thanks mate good work

Unknown said...

ma gfod song

Neti Kalam (Pen of Present Day) said...

Thanks for the translation, do you mind translating Kappaleri from same movie.... Thanks again

Amshu said...

Rehman your music melts my mind and the result is always tearssss... Every song has a path for memories...
Your coming compositions might be good, but those 90's to 2007 is always a sign of maestro...
You are always a god of music...

Anonymous said...

Wat a Lyrics and wat a Composition, Hats off to AR Rahamn And Vairumuthu...

The last straw said...

Thank you for the translation.

Shibiraj said...
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Shibiraj said...

My favourite song...Thanks for the translation...:)

Anonymous said...

ARR + Vairamuthu + Jesudas = infinity

Anonymous said...

Pattas for land - actually should be "TITLE DEED for a land".

Thanks for the meanings for each line of the song. Good job.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much :)

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