Tuesday, July 1, 2008



Film: Sivaji

Singers: A R Rahman, Sayonara

Athiradikkaaran - Machan ! Machan ! Machandi !

- Hey lady.. I am rocking / blasting dude..

Avanukkelaamey - Ucham ! Ucham ! Uchamdi !

- for him everything is at its highest!

Male :


Thi ! Thi ! Jega Jothi ! Jothi ! Jothi !

- angel, fire angel!

Thala Pa Thi ! Vedi Jaathi ! Jaathi ! Jaathi !

- leader is a bomb family!

Adi Billa Ranga Baasha Thaan..

- am billa ranga and basha

Ivan Pistol Pesum Beshaa Thaan..

- his pitol talks excellently!

Rathi ! Thi ! Sutta... -

Chorus :

Dakkaal Dakkaal

Dammaal Dummeel

angel! if i shoot.. then dakkal dakkal dammal dummil!

Paanja..Saanja.. -



Ja Ja...Ja Ja...

( Rathi... ) -

if i fly, incline, dry, prey,?, cocaine????? ( these tamil words are tweaked to make it rhyming!)

Saranam 1 :

Male :

Dil Dhik Dil

- dil dhik dil wind in my heart

Thendral Nenjil..

Thithikkindra - tasty ????

Anril Kunjil..

Jil Jil Jil - jil jil jil ginger lady

Ginger Pennil..

Jil Endroru - i have a cold jin my eyes!

Jin Thaan Kannil..

Chorus :

Dada ! Thottu Konja Thodha

Sittu Sikkuthey ! Sokkuthey !!

- if i touch u then u r in my hands and faint

Oru Shocku Yerum Padu Shokka !!

- a shock starts in a superb manner!

Thotta - Onnu Rendu Potta

Ponnu Thulluthey ! Thalluthey !!

- if i touch you and hit you once or twice, the lady jumps and pushes!

Vedi Vettu Poda Vilum Flatta !

- as the bomb falls, one falls flatly!

Male :

Gun ! Gun ! En Step Gun !

- Gun ! Gun ! En Step Gun !

Roger Moore Poley - Dishum !!

- like Roger Moore - Dishum!!

Munnaal Pennundu !

- there is a lady in the front

Enthan Pinnaal Kannundu ! Paar !!

- my eyes are the back - see!

Female :

Fun ! Fun ! Un Love Fun !

- fun fun ur love is fun!

Eddy Murphy Pol - Naughty !!

Male :

Nee Enthan -

Maan Thaan..

Naan Thaan..

Don Thaan !

-u r my deer ; m a don

( Athiradikkaaran... )

Saranam 2 :

Male :

Man ! Man ! Man... Superman Thaan

Mid Nightula - Spiderman Thaan !

- m a superman.. and spiderman in mid night

Female :

NRI Unthan Eye Thaan

James Bond Pol Seiyum Spy Thaan !!

- ur eye is an NRI and it spies like an James Bond's eye

Cuba - Pola Oru Theeva

Ponnu Nikkuthey ! Mukkuthey !!

- like cuba, lady u stand like a territory

Chorus :

Enthan Tension Erum Romba Fasta !

-my tension raises fastly

Castro - Pola Intha Maestro

Sontham Kollavaa ? Killavaa ??

-like Castro, shall this maestro take responsible for you? and pinch you??

Intha First Nightu Enna Waste-a ?

-is the first night waste?

Male :

Bun ! Bun ! Nee Sweet Bun !

Butter Jam Poley - Naan Thaan !

Unthan Meley Thaan - Naan

Otti Kolla Thaan Vaa !!

-bun bun, u r a sweet bun, like a butter jam, come near me so that i come and stick to you!

Female :

One Two Three

Four Five -

Mutham Thanthaaley Then Thaan !!

-if i give u one two three four five kisses, then its like honey

Male :

En - Anbey

My Fair Lady - Nee Thaan !!

( Athiradikkaaran... )

-my love, u r my fair lady!

Translated and posted to Y! Group by Thulasi Ram on May 6, 2007


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