Monday, May 7, 2007

Dil Se Re

Dil Se Re
Film: Dil Se
Singer: A.R.Rahman

Ek Suraj nikla tha, kuchh para pighla tha, ek aandhi ayi thi, jab dil se aah
nikli thi.. Dil se re....
A sun was risen, some mercury was melt, a storm was raised, when the heart
sighed... from the heart..

Dil se re.. Dil se re..

Dil to aakhir dil hai na, meethi si mushkil hai na,
The heart is the heart after all, it is a sweet problem after all,

Dil se re...

pa sa ni re sa ni pa re....

OOh do patte patjhad ke pedo se utre the,
two leaves of fall came down from the trees,

Pedo ke shaankho se utre the..
Came down from the branches of the trees...

Phir utne mausam nikle woh patte woh bechare,
phir ugne ki chaahat mein woh sahraao se guzre..
Then so many seasons passed, the leaves, the sympathetic (wretched) ones,
With a desire to get back to the trees, to be nourished again,
They passed through the roads....

woh patte dil dil dil the woh dil the dil dil dil the..
those two leaves were hearts...

Dil hai to phir dard hoga, dard hai to dil bhi hoga,
Mausam guzarte hi rahten hain,
IF there's the heart, there must be pain, if there is pain, the heart must be
involved, even though the seasons move on (showing the permanence of this

ooh bandhan hain rishton mein, kaanton ki taare hai,
Relationships bind people, like thorny fences,

patthar ke darwaaze deeware...
doors and windows made of stone...

bele phir bhi ugti hain aur khushiyan bhi milte hain..
But the creepers still grow along the walls, and happiness is found...

Aur chalte hain afsaane kirdaar bhi milte hain,
and affairs go on, characters are found too,

woh rishte dil dil dil the woh dil the dil the dil dil the...
those relationships were but the heart..

Gham dil ke par chulbule hain paani ke yeh bulbule hai,
Sadness are but temporary to heart, like small bubbles of water...
Bujhte hi bante rahte hain..
Which form again just as one bursts....

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