Thursday, May 17, 2007


Movie: May Maadham
Singer: Shobha Shankar


Margazhippoove! Margazhippoove!
Oh flower of the month of Margazhi
(Margazhi=Tamil month falling around Nov-Dec.)

Un madi maylay, Oridam vendum
I long for a place in your lap

Meththai mel kangal, moodavum illai
I don't seem to find sleep in the bed

Un madi serndhaal, kanavugal kollai
If I manage to get onto your lap, there'd be dreams aplenty.

Stanza 1:

Pookkalaip piriththu, puththagam padippen
I would open the flowers and read them as if they were books

Pulvelik kandaal, muyal pol kudhippen
When I happen to come across grasslands, I would hop like a rabbit

Naan mattum iravil thanimayil nadappen
I would walk alone in the night, all by myself!

Nadaipadhai kadaiyil theneer kudippen
I would have a cup of tea at the tea-stall on the pavement

Vaazhkaiyin oru paadhi naan indru vasiththen
The life I lived today is worth half a lifetime's

Vaazhkayin maru paadhi naan indru rasiththen
I got a chance to enjoy the other side of life today.

Kaatril oru megam poley naan indru midhappen
I would drift like a cloud in the winds today!


Venba; paadi varum vandukkuch chendhaen
thandhu vidum sempookal konjam
For the bees that come singing poetry, the red flowers would offer
some nectar

paada varum pennukkuch chandham
thandhu vidum mynakkal
For the girl who wants to sing, the mynahs would offer the tune

Kaviri Manalil Nadandhadhum illai
Haven't walked on the sands along the banks of the kaveri

Kadarkarai alaiyil kaal vaiththadhillai
Haven't wetted my feet in the waves at the sea-shore.

Sudhandhira vaanil, parandhadhum illai
Haven't ever flown in free skies

sudachchuda mazhayil nanaindhadhum illai
Haven't ever got drenched in fresh hot rain!

Saalayil naanagap ponadhum illai
Haven't ever gone on the roads by myself

Samaiyaththil naanaga aanadhum illai
At times I haven't really been myself

Yezhai manam kaanum inbam naan kaanavillai
Haven't experienced the joy that a poor man's mind does!

Posted by Pradeep on Aug 3, 1999


Biby Cletus said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

Doell said...

hey thanks biby cletus. Welcome. your comment happens to be the first one. That also means that my blog is coming to google searching.

Amith Chandhran said...

Maargazhi is Maargasheersh month in Samskrit.

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