Monday, June 4, 2007

Oru Poyyavadhu

Oru Poyyavadhu
Film : Jodi
Singer : Hariharan

Oru Poyyavadhu sol kannae
Tell at least one lie dear!

Un Kaadhal naandhaan enru
that I am your Love

Andha sollil uyir vazhvaen
I will live on that word

Pookkalil unnal sattham
There is sound in flowers because of you

Adi mounathil unnal yuddham
There is war in silence because of you

Idhai thaanguma en nenjam?
Can my heart bear these?

Idhai thaanguma en nenjam?
Can my heart bear these?

Penmaiyum menmaiyum pakkam pakkam dhaan
Womanhood & Softness are adjacent (almost alike)

Romba pakkam pakkam dhaan
they are adjacent

Parthal rendum veru dhaan
But they are different when seen

Palukkum Kallukkum vannam onru dhaan
Both Milk and Toddy have the same colour

Parkkum kangal onru dhaan
The eyes that see them are the same

Undaal rendum veru dhaan
But they taste different to drink


Iravinai thiratti kanmaniyin kuzhal seydhaaro
Did He gather the night to make the hair of my beloved?

Kanmaniyin kuzhal seydhaaro
the hair of my beloved..

Nilavin oli thiratti kangal seydharo
Did He collect the Moon's light to make the Eyes?

Vinmeen Vinmeen kondu viralin nagam samaitthu
The stars were cooked to make finger nails

Minnalin keetrikal kondu kairekai seydhano
Did He use lightning streaks to create 'Rekhas' in your palm..?

Vaadai katru pattu vayadhukku vandha pookkal
Kondu thangam thangam poosi Thol seydharo
Did He create your shoulder using flowers that bloom as breeze
caresses them and did He coat the shoulder with Gold?

Aanal pennae ullam kallil seydhu vaithano
But girl..! He has made the heart out of a stone

Kaadhal kannae ullam kallil seydhu vaithano
My beloved! He made the heart out of a stone..


Oru Poyyavadhu..


Nilavinai eduthu arukil kaatiyadhu needhaanae
You were the one who brought the Moon closer to me

Aukil kaatiyadhu needhaanae
You were the one who showed the Moon near me..

Malarin mugavarigal sonnadhum needhanae
You were the one who expressed flowers' blossom

Katru Bhoomi Vaanam
Kaadhal pesum mugam
Wind, Earth, Sky & the Face that speaks Love

Arimugam seydhadhavar yaar yaar
Who introduced that face ??

En anbae needhanae
You did..My Love!

Gangai Gangai aatrai kavidhaigal kondu tharum
Kaveri utrai kanneer kayil thandhaval needhanae
You were the one who gave me in my hands the waters of Ganga & the
poetic Kaveri spring, in the form of tears

Aanal pennae nenjai mattum moodi vaithai
But Girl.. You shut your heart

Kaadhal Kannae nenjai mattum moodi vaithai
My beloved..You shut your heart


Oru Poyyavadhu...

Translated and Posted to Y! Group by Ganpy on Jan 23, 2001

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