Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Varaha Nadi

Varaha Nadi
Movie: Sangamam
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan


On the River Banks of "Varaha"
Caught a glimpse of you
Asked you to stop , o'pigeon
you vanished like a dream

Visions that i see, "My luv"
is disturbing
" you " that i don't see
will reamin sweet inside my eyes

my eyes go thak thak thak
and inside goes thik thik thik
the heart goes jal jal jal
and says tell me tell me( soll soll)


You a parrot with Colors ( 5 colors)
even after you fly away
the colors remain in my heart
fly back and treat me.
In my heart play with me
treat me for my illness( unconcious)

On the river banks of kaveri
if its a tree
its lucky

Both my hands
Coz of your Cloth( dhavani)
Luv will become raw??????????

( note if the above words don't make any sense to you its not my fault pls ask

While you went past me
I caught your shadow..
from then i am staying inside your shadow
Life stays away from my body
what will i stich with , my thorn heart????

Vision Tried Piercing Inside
saw the lock....

Posted by Narasimman on Jun 11, 1999