Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Do Kadam

Do Kadam
Film: Meenaxi
Singer: Sonu Nigam

zindagii haath milaa
o life! join hands with me

saath chal saath mein aa
walk alongwith me. come with me

umr bhar saath rahii
you had been with me my entire life

do qadam aur sahii
why not just two more steps, a very short distance

ko_ii suuraj kii Dagar
some pathway that the Sun traverses

ko_ii sone kaa nagar
some city constructed with gold

chaaNd ke rath pe chale
let's proceed, riding on the chariot of the Moon

jahaa.N Thahare ye nazar
wherever this eyesight takes a halt

dhuup dariyaa_o.n me.n hai
there are oceans of sunlight

phir safar paa.Nvo.n me.n hai
the journey is destined in the feet, again

dil kaa aawaaraa diyaa
the rascal earthen lamp of the heart

duusare gaa.Nvo.n me.n hai
is in some other village

aa_o chalein ham wahiin
let's walk to that very place

do qadam aur sahii

Kaab Dhalate hain jahaaN
where dreams set

dil pighalate hai.n jahaa.N
where hearts melt

aa_o chalate hai.n vahii.n
come, let's go only there

wo zamii.n duur nahii.n
that land of destination is not far off

dostii hogii wahaa.N
friendship will be there

roshanii hogii wahaa.N
light will be there

us ujaale ke liye
for that light

jal chuke laakho.n diye
millions of earthen lamps have already burnt out

ek ham aur sahii
why not we also, just one more

do qadam aur sahii

kis kii aawaaz hai sun
whose voice is this. just listen.

ye nayaa saaz hai sun
this is some new musical instrument. just listen.

kaun detaa hai sadaa
who is it giving a call

chal ke dekhe.n to zaraa
let's explore

raah wiiraan sahii
the path is without any traveller

raat sunasaan sahii
the night is deserted

har gha.Dii saath rahe
we remained together every moment

kitane Gam saath sahe
how many sorrows we have weathered together

tho.De Gam aur sahii
why not a little more sorrow

do qadam aur sahii

Translated and posted to Y! Group by V S Rawat on Feb 5, 2004

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