Thursday, August 21, 2008

Maduraikku Pogaathadi

Maduraikku Pogaathadi
Film: Azhagiya Tamizh Magan
Singer: Benny, Archith, Darshana

Female Chorus: Karpoora kannigaiye vaaraay
O, beautiful girl, come on!! (literal translation is "Camphor-girl", which sounds silly when translated!!)

Adi alanthu alanthu nayanthu nayanthu paaraay

F.Ch: Nee mangala maharaaniye
U are an auscpicious queen

Valathu kaal eduthu vaaraay neeye
Walk in... your right foot first!

F.Ch: Nee vantha idam valamaaga
Let the place you enter prosper

Senra idam valamaaga
Let the place you goto, flourish

Serntha idam sugamaaga... Vaazha pora
Let the place you end up be happy, and you'll live happily

Male: Maduraikku pogaathadi
Don't go to Madurai

Anga malli poo kanna vekkum
The jasmine flowers (famous in Madurai) will be jealous of you (Literally: nazar lag jaayega)

Thanjaavur pogaathadi
Dont go to Tanjore,

Thala aataama bhomma nikkum
The dolls will become still and stop shaking their head (The head-shaking-doll is famous in Tanjore, and it is known as the Tanjore thalai aati bommai)

Thoothukudi pona sila kappal kara thattum
If you go to Tuticorin (thoothukkudi, a port in TN), some ships will be grounded

Kodaikaanal pona anga megam unna suthum
If you go to Kodaikkanal (a hillstation), clouds will encircle you

Male Chorus: Asarudhu Asarudhu oor mothama
The entire town is stunned...

Adhu enna... Adhu enna... un kuthamaa?
Is that your fault?

Asarudhu Asarudhu oor mothama
Adhu enna... Adhu enna... un kuthamaa

(Karpoora kannigaiye vaaraai...)

Adi othaiyila thaniyaaga methaiyile thoongaathe
Dont' sleep on the bed, alone

Athha magan vaaraandi valachupoda
Your aunt's son is coming to take you!

Male: Maduraikku pogaathadi
Anga malli poo kanna vekkum

Chorus: Sithira naa veyiladikkum
In sithirai month (mid-April to mid-May), Sun shines

Kaarthiga naa mazhaiyadikkum
It rains during Kaarthigai month (November-December)

Adaal kudaal thadaal budaal
---meaningless words---

Maapillai thaan thangam
The bridegroom is golden!

Aadiyinaa kaathadikkum
It's windy in Aadi month (July-Aug)

Maargazhi naa ha ha ha ha
Maargahi month (Dec-Jan) - ha ha ha

Damaal damaal gabaal gabaal
---Meaningless words---

Maapillai thaan singam
The bridegroom is a lion!


Male: Maruthaani thotathukke, Ada maruthaani yaaru vecha
Who applied Mehndi for the mehndi garden itself?

Ho.. thera thera iva vaara vaara
There she comes, like a chariot!

Female: Woh… kaatu kuyila kattika thaan, Thamizh naatu puyalum vanthuruche
To marry the wild cuckoo, the tamil cyclone has come here...

Hoy… jora jora varum veera veera
There comes the Hero, majestically...

Naan akaraiyil irunthaalum, Ikkaraiyil irunthaalum
This shore or that shore - wherever he is,

Sakaraiyaa irupane aasaiyaale
He'll be as sweet as sugar, with all the love!

(Maduraikku ...)

Asarudhu Asarudhu oor mothama
The entire town is stunned...

Adhu enna... Adhu enna... un kuthamaa?
Is that your fault?

Marumaga marumaga vanthaachamma
The daugther-in-law has come

Ini maamiyaar pathavithaan unakaachamma
From now on, the mother-in-law post is yours!

Thamizh naatu manmathane vaaraai
Oh cupid of Tamilnadu, come here...

Pen mayanga mayanga nadanthu nadanthu vaaraai
Come here, bowl over the girls with your stylish walk...

Nee indira maharaajane
You are Lord Indra

Vetri vaalukena piranthavane
You are born to succeed...

Nee thotathellaam jeyamaaga
Let whatever you touch, succeed

Sonnathellaam nijamaaga
Let your dreams come true..

Kanni nila vanthiduchu Kanavu kaana
This moon (the girl) is here to dream


Ketti melam naathaswaram
Naathaswaram = shenai like instrument, played at all weddings
Melam = South indian percussion instrument

Adhu sernthu ketkum neram sugam
It's pleasant when all these are played together

Dum dum dum dum
Du dudududu dum dum dum dum

Ho… manjal kungumam thaaliyin sirappu
The speciality of of Turmeric, Kumkum and Mangal-Sutra

Pengalukellaam inoru porappu
brings another responsibilty to women...

Dum dum dum dum [dum dum dum dudum dudum]
Dum dum dum dum woh…

Chandiranil oru paathi Indiranil oru paathi
A half from the moon, a half from Lord Indra -

Sundarane en jodi aanathenna
- oh handsome, how did u become my pair?

Maduraikku pogaathadi, Anga malli poo kanna vekkum
Dont go to Madurai, the jasmine flowers will be jealous on seeing you

Maduraikku pogamaaten, En malli poo un kaiyile
I won't go to Madurai, My jasmine is with you

Thanjaavur pogaathadi, Thala aataama bhomma nikkum

Engum poga maaten, Un munnaala thaan nippen
I wont go anywhere, I'll stand right in front of you

Munnaal vanthu ninnu, En kannaal sokka vaipen
I'll stand in front of you, and stun you with a look!

Translated and posted to Y! Group by Aravind AM Feb 25, 2008


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