Thursday, May 17, 2007

July Madham

July Madham
Movie: Pudhiya Mugam
Singer: SPB, Anupama Deshpande


July Maadham Vandhaal
Cometh the month of July

Jodi Serum Vayasu
It would be time to find a match

Maalai Neram Vandhaal
When the evening descends

Paattu paadum manasu
The heart would start singing

Achcham naanam enbadhu
Feelings like Fear and Shyness

Hyder Kaala pazhasu
belong to the era of Hyder

Muththu Muththam Podavaa
Shall I offer u my 'pearl-like' kisses

Raththam Puththam Pudhusu
My blood is very new

Stanza 1:

Vetta veliyil Povoma
Shall we go out in the open

Adi sittu kuriviyin siragaikkel
Ask the sparrow to spare its wings for us

Natta nadu nisi neratthil
In the middle of the night

naam satre urangida nilavaikkel
Ask the moon to let us sleep for a bit

Kaadu malaigal desangal povoma,katraikkel
Ask the wind if we could travel across forests, mountains and far

Veedu vendaam koodondru Vendama Kattaikkel
We don't need a house, Ask the jungle if we could make a nest for

Kaadhal endru sonnadhum, Kaatrum Kaigal Kattum
The moment u utter the word 'love', even the air would fold its

Kaadal Ennum vaarththai dhaan, Sarva desach chattam
The word "love" is the one, thats considered the 'Universal law'.

Stanza 2:

Pudhiyadhalla muththangal
Kisses aren't new to you

Ini poiyaai vesham podaadhey
Do not put up a false act any more

Ullam Ellaam en sondham,
All your heart belongs to me

Adhai ullangkaiyal moodaadhey
Do not hide it in your palm

Kaadhal vandhaal kattil mael Kanniraa koodaadhey
Drenching your bed in tears when in love? Not allowed!!

Kangal paarthu I love u sollippaar Odaadhey
look into my eyes and say "i love u" without fleeing

Kaadhal ennum yettiley, Neeyum Naanum uchcham
in the scripts on love, You and I are on top

Kodi makkal vendugol, Konjam Vaippom michcham
Its the plea of millions, lets hold back a bit!

Posted by Pradeep on Jul 9, 1999