Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Film: Jodha Akbar
Singer: Javed Ali

kahane ko jashn-e-bahaaraa.N hai
("ostensibly, the season is spring"; j-e-b: the season of flowers, spring)

ishq yeh dekh ke hairaa.N hai
("love is surprised to see that...")

phool se khushabuu khafaa khafaa hai gulshan me.n
("(...that) in the garden, the fragrance is angry/upset with the flower")

chupaa hai koi ra.nj fizaa ki chilman me.n
("in the curtains/blinds (chilman) of the breeze/wind (fizaa) hidessome grief (ra.nj)")

saare sahame nazaare hai.n
("all the sights and sounds are cowering/are quiet/are scared" -sahamnaa: to be afraid)

soye soye waqt ke dhaare hai.n
("the streams of time are quiet/asleep"; dhaare: streams)

aur dil me.n koi khoi si baate.n hai.n
("and there are some thoughts lost in the heart")

kehne ko ...

kaise kahe, kyaa hai sitam; sochte hai.n ab yeh hum
("how do I talk about that which troubles me; I think about...";sitam: "trouble")

koi kaise kahe woh hai yaa nahii.n hamaare
("(think about) does one ask if she is indeed mine or not")

karte to hai saath safar, faasle hai phir bhi magar
("we are (alternative: travel/live) together, but a distance exists(between us)" faasle: distance)

jaise milte nahii.n kisi dariyaa ke do kinaare
("like two banks of a river which do not meet")

paas hai phir bhi paas nahii.n, hum ko yeh Gam raas nahii.n
("she/we are apart despite being together; one cannot bear this sorrowany more"; Gam: sorrow)

shishe ki ek diiwar hai jaise darmiyaa.N
("there is, as it were, a wall of glass between us")

saare sahame nazaare hai...

humne jo thaa naGamaa sunaa
("the sweet melody that one had heard")

dil ne thaa usko chunaa
("the heart had chosen that (song)")

yeh daastaa.n hame.n waqt ne kaisi sunaai
("what is this story that time (life) has narrated to me/us")

hum jo agar hai Gamagii.n, woh bhi udhar khush to nahi
("if I am stricken with grief, she too isn't happy there"; Gamagii.n: sad)

mulaakato.n me.n hai jaise ghul si gayii tanhaayii
(it is as if the meetings/encounters are blended with loneliness")

mil ke bhi hum milte nahii.n; khil ke bhi gul khilte nahi.n
("we do not meet despite meeting; the flower does not bloom despite blooming")

aa.Nkho.n mai.n hai bahaare.n dil mai khizaa.N
("the eyes can see flowers (of spring), but there is an autumn in theheart"[2]; "khizaa.N": fall, autumn)

saare sahame nazaare hai...

Translated and posted to Y! Group by J Ramanand on Jan 13, 2008


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