Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Noor Un Ala

Noor Un Ala
Film: Meenaxi

Noor Un Ala Noor Un Ala Nooor Un Ala Nooooooor
Light upon Light

Yeh bhar de tajjali, andheron ko cheer de,
just spread this light,and finish the darkness

Yahan bhi tu, wahan bhi tu,
you are here,and u are there( u are everywhere)

yeh roshni kya roshni
what light could this light be

theray siwa koi hay kay poochoon
is there anyone othere than u whom i could ask

andheron say poocha to chup ho gayay
when i asked darkness,it shut up and kept quiet

ujalon say poocha tho sharma gayay,
when i asked light,it got shy of answering

parindon say poocha,kahan parwaz hay
i asked birds,where is the flight

khamoshi say poocha,kahan awaz hay
i asked quietness,where is the voice

phoolon say patton say,phoolon say pahton say,aaeee ye sada
i asked flowers,i asked leaves,came a voice

charon taraf,charon taraf
in all four directions

Noor Un Ala Noor Un Ala Nooor Un Ala Nooooooor
Light upon Light

dikhai chilaman to dekha jalwa tera,
saw chilman and saw ur beauty

barhaya qadam to,manzil teree manzil teree,
and when u take the step,destination is urs

utae na de to soorat tere soorat tere
couldnt i see ur face

bhaware ki ghanghan main,
in the voice of moth?

aashiq ki darman main,phir
in the heartbeat of lover,

kanon may sargam main,kanon may sargam main,
in the melody of ears

bus tu hay,tu hi tu
there is only u and u

Noor Un Ala Noor Un Ala Nooor Un Ala Nooooooor
Light upon Light

dil ki deewangi man ki awaragi tu,
u are my hearts craze and u are my soul's craze

door lay kay chal tu,kuch poocha tu kuch poocha tu,
and asked something

zindagi ek raaz hay,ek raaz hay raaz hay
life was a mystery ,and it is a mystery

jaan ker hoga kya,jan ker hoga kya,kis nay hay jana
what would happen if u know, who knows that

koi mohabat kahay,koi fasana
someone calls it love,others just a story

deewanagi kahay chahay junnon,
whether they call it craze or madness

chahat hi,mere adaaaaaaa....
love for u is my (message,life,style)

Noor Un Ala Noor Un Ala Nooor Un Ala Nooooooor
Light upon Light

Translated and posted to Y! Group by Jawad on Feb 28, 2004


Afroz said...


Ye-Barq-e-Tajalli, Andhero ko Cheerti
Tajalli means eternal brightness or Divine sight

Uthai chilman to dekha, jalwa teraa
Chilman means veil
badhaya khadam toh manzil teri

Uthayi nazar toh surat teri

bhanwre ki gungun me
Kangan ki khan khan me

Aashiq ke tan man me, birhan ke nainan me

Taano me sargam me, taano me sargam me
bas tu hai tu hi tu

door lay kay chal tu,kuch pooch na tu kuch pooch na tu,

Zindagi ek raaz thi ek raaz hai

koi mohabat kahay,koi ibadat

chahat hi,teri adaaaaaaa....

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