Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Only You

Only you
Album: Vande Mataram
Singer: A.R.Rahman

Tera ek khayal, aisa hi bekamaal,
husn-e-jahan se bhi haseen-o-bemisaal.
Tera hi to hai aks-char sur,
tera hi to rang hai aisa hi bejamal,

Teri hi tadap hai mujhe.
Chain hi kahan hain mujhe?

*Aankhon ki pyaas hai,
*is dil ki aas hai,
*Inki talaash hai,

aankhon ki pyaas hai(repeat)

Na chahta hoon main, yeh jahan
na chahta hoon main jannat wahan
Ha chahta hoon main only you..
ha chahta hoon main only you..
aankhon ki pyas hai(repeat)

Mere wajood ki, tu hi wajah,
Mere sujood ki bhi tu hi wajah(repeat)

Kehta hai jab tu, main hoon tera,
parda hai phir kyon darmiyaan,
Jiske deedar ko tarse,
o hai..only you..

aankhon ki pyaas hai(repeat twice)


One moment of your thoughts, is as incredible,
as beauty that surpasses the glory of this entire world.
These melodies are borne from you,
and the tone of your appearance is just as breathtaking.

What I have is just a flutter for you,
what I don't is tranquility.

My eyes thirst for you,
My heart longs for you,
I search for these in you,
Only you.

I don't long for this world any more,
nor do I long for heaven that's there.
But yes, I long for you.. only you.

You are the justification for my identity
You remain the reason for my demeanour too.

When you say that I am yours,
why does the purdah remain (a route) between us?
Whose companionship I desperately seek,
tis you, only you.

Posted by Ranjit on May 10, 1999