Thursday, December 20, 2007

Udhaya Udhaya

Udhaya Udhaya
Film: Udhaya
Singers : Sadhana Sargam & Hariharan

udhayA udhayA uLariLae
"Udhaya".."Udhaya" - is all in my rattling

uyirAl unaiyae ezhudhuhiRaen
I keep writing you, with my life..

kAdhal theendavae
kAdhal theendavae
As love embraces (me)..

kadal thAgam theerndhadhae..
My sea like thirst is quenched on its own because of you

udhayA..udhayA uLaruhiRaen
I keep rattling Udhaya ..Udhaya..

uyirAl unaiyae ezhudhuhiRaen
I keep writing you, with my life..

un pAdhi..vAzhghiraen
I am living your half..

en paadhi.. thaeighiraen..
And my half is waning on its own because of you

For ever..


ennai tholaitthuvittaen
I lost myself

en unnai adaindhu vittaen
But I have found my own "You"

unnai adaindhadhanAl
Because I found you..

en ennai tholaitthuvittaen
I lost my ownself

aeno aenaeno..tholaindhae meendaeno?
Why..Why..Why did I find myself after getting lost?

aeno aenaeno..meendum tholaivaeno ?
Why..Why..Will I lose myself again?

You are my lifetime..

un koondhal iruttil en kizhakku tholaindhum..
I lose my "East" in the darkness of your long hair

As love embraces..

moochin kumizhghaLiLae..
In the bubbles of breath..

uyir ootri anuppi vaithaen..
I poured life and sent (them)

kooccham avizhghaiyilae
udal maatri nuzhaindhu vittaen
When inhibitions began to shed, I entered with a morphed body

aeno aenaeno..aedho Anaeno?
Why..Why..Have I become something?

aeno aenaeno..neeyAi Anaeno..?
Why...Why..Have I become you ?

You are motherlike..

en naetrin kAlayil ootrai thirandhu..
The spring of my yesterday's morning opens

As love embraces..

kadal thAgam…

uyirae, uyirae uLaruhiRaen.. life..! I begin to rattle..

uLariyum kavidhaihaL ezhudhuhiRaen..
I write poems even as I rattle


Translated and posted to Y! Group by Ganpy Nataraj on Apr 28, 2003