Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Film: Anbe Airuiye
Singer: Madhushree, Naresh Iyer

mayil iRagae mayil iRagae
varudugiRaai mella
Oh. peacock's feather.. oh peacock's feather. u r caressing me slowly...

mazhai nilavae mazhai nilavae
vizhiyil ellaam un ulaa
Oh. rainy Moon.. oh rainy moon..in all my vision, its your journey.

uyiraith thodarndhu varum
nee dhaanay mei ezhuththu
naan pOdum kai ezhuththu anbe!
U r the consonants that follow the vowels. and the signature of me, my dear.

ulaga mozhiyil varum
ellamay neer ezhuththu
kaadhal dhaan kal ezhuththu anbe..
all the languages of the world are like writings on water.Love is the only writing on Rock.


madhurai padhiai maRandhu
un madiyinil paaindhadhu vaigai
medhuvaa medhuvaa medhuvaa
ingu vaigaiyil vaithidukai
forgetting its path in Madurai, the river Vaigai flows through your laps..slowly place ur hand on this Vaigai..

podhigai malaiai pirindhu
en paarvaiyil neendhudhu thendral
adhai naan adhai naan pidithu
mella adaithaen manachiraiyil
Born in the podhigai mountain , the breeze blows across my vision..I caught that and locked it up in my Heart.

ore ilakiyam nam kaadhal
vaan ulLavarai vaazhum paadal!
our Love is a literature..and a living song till the lifetime of sky.

thamizha thamizha thamizha
un thamizh ingu saelaiyil varudhaa
Oh, tamilian... is your tamil language coming through a saree?

amizhdhaai amizhdhaai amizhdhaai
kavi aatrida nee varuvaai
Come and write poetry which is as sweet as the nectar

ondraai irandaai moondraai
andha vaLLuvan thandhadhu muppaal
Valluvan (ancient tamil poet Thiruvalluvar) gave us 3 "paal"s
(Paal refers to the sections in the Thirukkural. There are 3 sections.)

unakkum enakkum viruppam
andha moondraam paal allava
The Paal which we like is the 3rd one, right? (the third section talks about intimacy between a man and woman)

paal viLakkangaL nee kooraen
Tell me the explanations of the "paal"

oor urangattum
uRaipaen kayLu
Let everyone sleep, I'll explain and you listen!

Translated and posted to Y! Group by Pradeepan and Aravind AM on Mar 3, 2007


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