Thursday, August 2, 2007


Film: Lagaan
Singers: Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, Sukhwindera Singh, Srinivas

har sant kahe, sadhu kahe
every saint speaketh, sage speaketh

sach aur saahas hai jis ke man mein
whoever has truth and courage in his mind

ant mein jeet usi ki rahe
he is the one who finally comes victorious

aaja re aaja re, aaja re aaja re
O! come

bhale kitne lambe, ho, raste, ho,
however long the pathways might be
NOTE: "ho" here and at several places in this song appears to be music
part, not the lyrics.

thake na tera ye tan, ho
may this body of yours not feel tired

aaja re aaja re

sun le pukaare dagariya
listen! the lane is giving a call

rahe na ye raste taraste, ho
may these paths not remain longing

tu aaja re
you please come

is dharati ka hai raaja tu,
you are the emperor of this earth

ye baat jaan le tu
may this fact get revealed to you

kathinaaee se takaraa ja tu
you take the difficulties head on

nahin haar maan le tu
you never concede defeat

mitwa sun mitwa
O lover! please listen, O lover!

tujhko kya dar hai re
what fear you have

ye dharati apni hai, apna ambar hai re
this earth belongs to us, sky is ours

tu aaja re

sun lo re mitwa
please listen, o lover!

jo hai tumre man mein, wo hi humre man mein
whatever is in your mind, the same is in our mind

jo sapna hai tumra, sapna wo hi humra hai, jeevan mein
whichever dream is yours, the same dream is ours in the life

chale hum liye aasaa ke diye, nayanan mein
we move ahead carrying the glowing earthenlamps of hope in our eyes

diye humri aasaao.n ke kabhi bujh na paaye.n
may the glowing earthenlamps of our hopes never ever get extinguished

kabhi aandhiyaa.n jo aake inko bujhaaye.n
even if storms ever arrive to try to extinguish them

mitwa sun mitwa
sun lo re mitwa

purwa bhi gaayegi, masti bhi chhaayegi
the wind from the east shall arrive again, the enjoyment will again
cover us

il ke pukaaro to
if we together give a call, then

phoolo.n waali jo rut hai, aayegi
the season that blooms flowers shall arrive again

sukh bhare din, dukh ke bin, laayegi
and it shall alongwith carry the days full of ecstasy, bereft of any
sorrow whatsoever

hum tum sajaaye.n aao, rango.n ke mele
you and us, please come, to decorate the colourfull gatherings

rahte ho bolo kaahe tum yu.n akele
why do so remain solitary like this, please say

mitwa sun mitwa

Translated and Posted to Y! Group by Rawat on Apr 5, 2001