Friday, June 6, 2008

Khoon Chala

Khoon Chala

Film: Rang De Basanti

Singers: Mohit Chauhan

Kuchh kar guzarne ko khoon chala khoon chala

Blood has stirred to do something

Aankhon ke sheeshe mein utarne ko khoon chala

Blood has stirred to walk down the glass of the eyes

Badan se tapak kar, zameen se lipat kar

Dripping from the body, enveloping the earth

Galiyon se raston se ubharkar, umad kar

Rising from the streets and the paths

Naye rang bhar ne ko khoon chala khoon chala

Blood has stirred to fill new colors

Khuli-si chhoT lekar, baRi-si tich lekar ahista ahista

With an open wound, with a large (complaint?), slowly, slowly

Sawaalon ki ungli, jawaabon ki mutthi

The figner of questions, a fist of answers

Sang lekar Khoon chala

With all of this the blood goes

Kuchh kar guzarne ko khoon chala khoon chala

Blood is going to try and do something

Khoon chala can have various meaning depending on variousinterpretations. In this case its most near Khoon=blood, offspring.Chala=has begun to walk or do something

Translated and posted to Y! Group by Tanya on Feb 9, 2006


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