Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sonia Sonia

Sonia Sonia
Movie: Ratchgan
Singer: Udit Narayan, Unni Krishnan, Harini

N and V:
Sonia, Sonia! Sokka vaikkum Sonia
Sonia, Sonia! The one who takes my breath away

Kadhalil Nee endha vagai kooru
Tell me which kind are you in love.

Kadhaliley rendu vagai, saivamundu asaivamundu
There are two kinds of love- veggie and non-veggie...

rendil nee endha vagai kooru?
Tell me which of the two you belong to.

Sila naal saivamum undu
Some days I go for veggie

sila naal asaivamum undu
And on some, I go for non-veg.

Pennin kangalai kandu,Sevai seivadhu nandru
You got to see the girl's eyes and serve accordingly.

Poovodu urasum poongatrai pole
Like the breeze that caresses the flower;

seerodu anaiththal adhu saivam
Delicately embracing-that's veggie!

Verodu valaikkum puyal kaatrai pole
Like the storm that uproots the tree;

Marbodu eduththal adhu asaivam
Holding by the chest-that's non-veg.!

Pullil vandhu vizhum thooralai pol
Like the rain drop that settles on the grass;

oru pennin meedhu kai theenduvadhu saivam
touching a girl; that's veggie!

Karaiyai meerugindra vellaththai pol
Like the flood that crosses the banks;

Oru penmai serndhu ellai thaanduvadhu asaivam
merging with a girl and crossing the limits-that's non-veg.

pen koondhal meedhu poovagattaa?
Shall I be the flower on the lady's hair?

poo koondhal kalaiththu vilayadatta?
or Shall I undo your hair and play with it?

Melidhaana muththathil saththe illai
There's no masculinity in a delicate kiss!

Meththai mel saivaththil artham illai
Being a veggie on the bed makes absolutely no sense!

Perinbam kaanadha pennondrum pennille
A girl who hasn't experienced "great pleasure" is not a girl at all!

N: Ul nenju thudikkum, ullukkul vedikkum,
As my heart throbs, it bursts inside,

poo pole anaikka porumai illai
I ain't patient enough to embrace you like a flower

Pennondru pudhumai kannadi padhumai
The girl is a novelty, a glass statuette

kaiyaala therindhal kavalai illai
If you know how to handle it, you needn't worry

Kadhal cricketil sattam illai oru saaththiram illai
There are no rules and regulations in 'Love Cricket'

Runs eduppadhu dhaan velai
The focus is on scoring runs

Penmai bhaarangal thaanguvadhillai, kan thoonguvadhillai
Women can't take a heavy burden, can't sleep well

Pen malligaippoo malai
the girl is a garland of jasmines

Thattamal ponaal thangam illai
If you don't knock, you don't get gold

muttamal ponaal mogam illai
If you don't crash open, there's no love

Kamaththin vadhaththil nyayam illai
Trying to Justify physical attraction is pointless

Kannaththin kayangal kaadhal illai
Bruises on the cheeks can never be equated to love

Pen thevai edhuvendru arigindra aalillai
Theres no man who has figured out the needs of a girl

Just to differentiate who sings what, here's the key...
V- Veggie lover
N- Non veggie lover
G- The girl

Posted by Pradeep on Jun 5, 1999


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