Monday, June 9, 2008

Vidai Kodu Engal Naade

Vidai Kodu Engal Naade
Film: Kannathim Muttamittal

vidai kodu engaL naadae
O our motherland, Bid us a farewell
kadal vaasal theLikkum veedae
The house whose entrance is cleaned by the sea
panai mara kaadae, paRavaigaL koodae
Oh, palm forest... oh, birds' nests
maRumuRai oru muRai paarpoama?
will we ever meet again?
udhattil punnagai pudhaithoam
We buried our smiles in our lips
uyirai udambukkuL pudhaithoam
We buried our life in our bodies
veRum koodugaL mattum oorvalam poagindroam
We are making a procession like empty skeletons....
(vidai kodu...)
kandhal aanaalum thaai madi poal oru sugham varuma? varuma? (2)
Can the rags equal the pleaseure of lying on the lap of mother?
soRgam sendraalum sondha oor poal oru sudhandhiram varuma?varuma?
Even if we go to heaven, will there be freedom as in our country?
kaN thiRandha dhesam angae
The place we opened our eyes is there?
kaN moodum dhesam engae? (2)
Where is the place where we will close our eyes?
pirivoam nadhigaLae pizhaithaal varugiRoam
Lets separate, oh rivers... We'll be back if we survive
meeNdum thaayagam azhaithaal varugiRoam
If our motherland calls us again, we will come back
kaNNeer thiRaiyil piRandha maNNai, kadaisiyaaga paarkindroam
we are seeing the land born out of of tears, for the last time
(vidai kodu...)
engaL sangeetham piLLaiyin azhugaiyilae tholaithoam (2)
We lost our music in the cry of the children
engaL iLam thingaL vedikuNdu pudhaiyilae pudhaithoam
We buried our moon in the fumes generated by the bomb
mun iravil malaril kidandhoam,
Early in the night, we were in the flowers
pin iravil muLLil kizhindhoam
Later in the night, we were torn by the thorns
kadal neer paRavai ???? irundhaal sandhippoam
Oh, sea water, birds and ????,
we will meet if we are alive
vanamae malaigaLae vaazhndhaal sandhippoam
Oh forests and mountains, we will meet if we live
thalaiyil konjam nenjil adhigam
Less on our head, more in our heart -
sumaigaL sumandhu poagindroam
burden we carry as we leave!
(vidai kodu...)

Translated and posted to Y! Group by Aravind A M on Sep 1, 2006


Antony said...

This is such a great song............

P Sudhir ARJUN said...

This is a very good one.

Neti Kalam (Pen of Present Day) said...

no words, thanks so much for a wonderful translation.

Sa'id Chaudhry said...

thanks for sharing this with me yogi. great song and heart wrenching poetry.
in solidarity.

Tej said...

This song had captured my heart even though i did not understand a word of it. Now that I understand, it has captured my soul.

nirmalan fernando said...

"Is anything equal to the lap of mother even it's rag"
I think this is the correct translation for kandhal aanalu thai madipol suga varuma
Good catching song makes me cry everytime I hear

nirmalan fernando said...

"Is anything equal to the lap of mother even it's rag"
I think this is the correct translation for kandhal aanalu thai madipol suga varuma
Good catching song makes me cry everytime I hear

Unknown said...

Beautiful song..
Great translation..

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