Friday, June 6, 2008



Film: Godfather

Singers: Aslam, Tanvi & Shalini Singh

Hey.... hello hello hello........
Hello Hello Hello..............

Oh oh oh oh...Ilamai

Oh oh oh oh...youth


A puzzle


Women are theVidai


Thamizh nattil yethanai kiligal yethanai kiligal kootukul

How many nested parrots in TamilNadu?

Varavendum athanai kiliyum athanai kiliyum veettukul

All those parrots should come to my home

Iravelam siragaivirithu kavithai pesungal

All night spread your wings & talk poems

Athikalai vidiyumpothu yezhupivaikum pongal

The pongal which wakes you up in dawn

Oh oh oh oh...Ilamai

Oh oh oh oh...youth

A puzzle
Women are theVidai

......MUSIC & VOICES......

Manil irukum puthayalai

The treasures in the soil

Seyarkai kol ariyum

Those sattelites will know

Pennil irukum puthayalai

The treasures in a women

Iyarkai thaan ariyum

Only this nature will know


Sudana thegathil sil endra bagangal yengeee soll

Tell me hotty, where i can chill myself in your body

Venthendrale yen kangal un nenjile

My look is like a hot breeze in your heart

Thirumanam kanda pinbu raman pole vazhevathendru mudivondruyeduthuviten

After marriage i decided to live like Lord Rama

Thirumanam kanumvarai dasarathan pole vazha muyarchigal thodangiviten

Till marriage i have undertaken hardship to live like King Dasaratha

Ilamai...ha ha

youth...ha ha

Vidukathai...ha ha

a puzzle

women are the

.....MUSIC & VOICES.....

Unnaku hero nanadi

I'm your hero

Un udaiko villanadi

Am a villain to your clothes

Kadhal bagam theendinal

When i touch you there

Un nanam udaiyumadi

Your shyness will break

Nenjodu yeralam yenillai tharalam

Why dont you have a big heart & lot of generousity

Kolatheee od odi vaa

Come to me, my beauty of fire

Yen marbil verodava

Come into my bossom with all your roots

Iruvarin mathiyile irukindra idaiveli muthangalil niraiyatume

Let the space between us be filled with kisses

Ithayathin soorukangal ithazgalil isthiriyil mela mela maraiyatume

Let the shrinks in our heart disappear by ironing with our lips

Oh oh oh oh Sofia...ha haMalika...ha haFouzia...oh

yachika...ha ha
.....MUSIC & VOICES............
Hey.....Hello Hello Hello..............

Translated and posted to Y! Group by R K Rathinam on Feb 23, 2006


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