Thursday, January 31, 2008


Film: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose - The Forgotten Hero
Singer: A R Rahman

Ahl-e-talab aja tum ko bulai ahed Allah
zikr se burh ke nahin hai amal koiee hai farman-e-rasool Allah
nijaat milti hai unko yaqeenan karein jo qalb se zikr Allah
zikr se sur kat-ta hai Nafs ka beshaq zikr hai saif-ullah

Those of you, who seek Allah's attention, Come, as you are called byAllah.
There is no better deed than ZIKR, said the Holy Prophet of Allah.And those who do ZIKR of Allah from core of their hearts, becomesuccessful.
And Zikr cuts Nafs (a human being's desire to do whatever he wants,good or bad but used mostly for the desire to do evil things) soZikr is sword of Allah.

zikr aman hai zikr hai fatah zikr shifa hai zikr hai dawa
Allah ho baqimil qule fani aur fana hai sub wo muqab-Allah

Zikr is peace, Zikr is victory, Zikr is remedy, and Zikr is prayer
(I can't give exact meaning of the second line but it meanssomething like this)
Only Allah is eternal and will be there when nothing else will bethere, as everything other than Allah will get destroyed one day.

Hasb-e-Rabi Jallallah, maafi-qalbi gher-ullah
noor-e-Muhammad sallallah, haq laillaha illallah

hu... Allah hu... Allah hu

Hasb-e-Rabi Jallallah, maafi-qalbi gherullah
noor-e-Muhammad sallallah, haq laillaha illallah

Apart form Allah subhan ta alah's greatness,
Take anything other than Allah out of your heart
And leave Light of Muhammad (May peace be upon him)
The Truth of La ila ha il Allah (the Kalma of testimony or
shahadath, the basic of Islam, where every Muslim declares that
there is no one worship- worthy other than Allah)

Har gul mein har rooh mein, har shey mein noor-ullah
Har dil mein har pal mein reh zikr-e-illallah

In every flower, in every spirit, there is light of Allah
In every heart, in every moment, there's Zikr of Allah

zikr hai behtar nafrat se zikr hai behtar ghaflat se
zikr hai behtar hujat se zikr hai behtar gheebat se

Zikr is better than hatred; Zikr is better than not caring aboutlife hereafter
Zikr of Allah is much better compared to saying bad things aboutfellow human beings

Ya Qayum ya Qayum Ya Qayum
Ya Awal Ya Akhir, Ya Awal Ya Akhir
Ya Halleem ya Kareem Ya Azeem ya Raheem
Ya Rahman ya Subhan ya Adnan ya Mannan
Ya Zol Jallal wal iIkram Ya Zol jallal wal Ikaram

(Now he recites the beautiful names of Allah.)
Ya Kareem (Al-Kareem means THE GENEROUS ONE)
Ya Azeem (Al-Azeem means THE GREAT ONE)
Ya Raheem (Al-Raheem means THE MERCIFUL, He who gives blessings andprosperity)
Ya Rahman (Al-Rahman means THE BENEFICENT)
Ya Subhan
Ya Adnan
Ya Manan
Ya Zol jallal wal Ikaram (means THE LORD OF MAJESTY AND BOUNTY)

Translated and posted to Y! Group by Jawad on Apr 7, 2005


Prabhu said...

hi, thanks for translation.. just to comment: Zikr is from "Bose- The Forgotten Hero", not from Mangal Pandey

Doell said...

Thanks for pointing out the error. Its corrected now :)

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Unknown said...

Hasbi rabbi jallallah - My Lord is enough for me, Glory be to Allah
Ma fi qalbi ghayrullah - There is nothing in my heart except Allah

Hannan means one who shows compassion/affection.
Mannan means one who bestows graciously

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