Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ellam Pugazhum

Ellam Pugazhum
Film: Azhagiya Thamizh Maghan
Singer: A R Rahman

Come on come on come on come on!!
You can do it!!you can do it!!friend!!(2)

All fame only for one!!
You keep on flow like a river!!
Sweat for ur sweating victory!!
You will be in everyone's heart!!(2)

Hey comrade!! come on forward!!
You can do it!!you are thala thalapathi thalapathi!!
Beloved leader!!
Victory only for us!!
You are handsome tamil son!!

All fame only for one!!
You keep on flow like a river!!
Sweat for ur sweating victory!!
You will be in everyone's heart!!

Dont wait for tommorow wasting today!!
Dont waste today!!dont waste today!!

If u work hard today,tommorow will blossom automatically!!
Dont forget that !!dont forget that!!

Can you leave justics by counting on yesterday's mistakes??
He will take care of justice and wounds!!leave it to him!!

Hey comrade!!come on!!you can do it!!
You are thala thalapathy thalapathy!!
Beloaved leader!!
Victory only for us!!

All fame only for one!!
You keep on flow like a river!!
Sweat for ur sweating victory!!
You will be in everyone's heart!!

Come on come on come on come on!!
You can do it!!you can do it!!friend!!

If a student keeps heart!!nothing is impossible!!
Like ocean!!like mountain!!
Like wind!!like earth!!
Bring the pride!!

We are born,lived,died!!
Throw this attitude!!
If a student keeps heart(faith)!!

Posted to the Y! Group by Thulasi Ram on Oct 27, 2007


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Christin said...

good work brothers for translating this beautiful songs. well done and I really appreciate the work.

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