Monday, June 9, 2008

Barso Re

Barso Re
Film: Guru
Singers: Shreya Ghoshal

Barso re megha megha barso re
Come cloud rain /* [ megha = cloud]
Megha megha basro re .
Megha barso

Meetha hai kosa hai barish ka bosa hai
Its sweet, its warm, its kiss of the rain /* [ kosa= luke warm.bosa= kiss ]
kosa hai kosa barishon ka bosa hai
its warm, its kiss of the rain
jal jal .......................thal /* [ jal = water, thal = land]
chal chal....................
Let's go
Chal chal behta chal
Let's go and swim away

Geeli geeli.................... /* [ geeli = wet]
geeli geeli maati,
wet wet earth
geeli maati ke Chal gharonde banayenge re
from the wet earth Lets make houses (of wet earth)/* [ gharonde =houses]
Hari bhari ambi, ambi ki dali
green lush mango tree, the mango branch /* [ ambi = aam = mango]
Milke jhoole jhulayenge re oh
will sway them (the mango branch) together
Dhan, baiju gaj ne, hal jote sabne
Dhan, baiju and Gaj (imaginary names of villagers), all ploughedtheir field
Bailon ki ghanti baji, aur taal lage bharne
The bull-bells rang, and the ponds started to get full /* [taal =talab = pond]
Re tair ke chali main toh paar chali
I went swimming, and reached the other side
Re tair ke chali main toh paar chali
I went swimming, and reached the other side
paar wale parle kinaar chali re megha
reached the shore of the other side, oh cloud
kaali kaali ratein, kali raton mein
dark dark nights, in the dark nighs
yeh badarva baras jayega
this cloud will rain /* [badarva = cloud]
gali gali mujhko megha thundega
cloud will look for me in the lanes /* [gali = lane]
aur garaj ke palat jayega
and will turn after thundering
Ghar aangan aangan aur paani ka jharna
In the houses and courtyards, there is water like fountain /* [aangan = courtyard]
bhool na jana mujhe, sab poochhenge varna
dont forget me, all will ask for me otherwise
re beh ke chali mai to beh ke chali
I swam away I swam away
re kehti chali mai to keh ke chali
I kept on saying, and I went saying

Translated and posted to Y! Group by Durba on Nov 20, 2006


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