Thursday, October 2, 2008

Azhagu Nilave

Azhagu Nilave
Film: Pavithra
Singer: Chithra

Context of this song:
A mother who lost her child during birth itself, considers another guy as her own son. But, the society views this relationship differently and doesn't see the motherly love!

azhagu nilave...
O Beautiful moon!

kadhavu thirandhu... arugil vandhaaye...
You opened the door and came near to me...

enadhu kanavai unadhu vizhiyil eduthu vandhaaye
You came carrying my dreams in your eyes!

Oru paalaivanamaai kidandha vayitril paalai vaarthaaye!
You flooded my barren desert land of a womb, with milk

en paadhi uyirai thiruppi tharuvey parandhu vandhaaye!
To return my remaining soul, you took birth and came to me

indha paavi unnai sumandhadhillai, naanum un thaaye!
This sinner (herself) has not borne you in her womb, but I’m still in your mother!

sondhangal enbadhu thaai thandhadhu
Relationships were given by mother

indha bandhangal enbadhu yaar thandhadhu
But, who gave all these acquaintances?

innoru thaaimai thaan naan kandadhu
Another motherhood was what I got!

ada un vizhi yaenada neer kondadhu?
Why did your eyes well up with tears?

anbu thaan thyaagamey
Affection implies sacrifice

azhugai thaan dhyanamey
Crying is like meditaion

unakkum enakkum ulla uravu oorukku puriyaadhe...
The society won’t understand our relationship!

boomiyai nesikkum ver polave
Like the root (of a tree) which loves the earth…

un poomugam nesithen, thaayagave
I love your beautiful face, as a mother

neerukkul swasikkum meen polave
Like the fishes which breathe under water,

un nesathil vaazhuven naanagave
I’ll live with your affection!

ulagam thaan maarume
The world will change

uravugal vaazhume
But, relationships will live (forever)

kadalai vidavum aazham endhan kanneer thuli onru....
A single tear drop of mine is deeper than an ocean!